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Manilva residents gear up for annual grape festival

Manilva celebrates its annual grape harvest with flamenco dancers, wine tasters and brass bands

Fire alarm in response to blazes across Spain

Dry heat and even drier land create the perfect cocktail for fires

Manilva wildfire blamed on car ‘short circuit’

One neighbour, expat Kelly Cookson, felt 'incredibly lucky' that only her husband's Land Rover blew up

Expats blast use of Chinese lanterns at Sabinillas Full Moon Party

EXCLUSIVE: Manilva town hall had banned the use of lanterns following a fire last year

Manilva restaurant Roman Oasis reopens in style

Owner Paul Hickling’s eccentric eatery is back for another summer season

How I built a Roman Oasis

Paul Hickling’s eccentric journey has been put down in words in a new book, My Roman Oasis

Three days remain for political pact-making in Spain’s municipal governments

Local politicians are making promises left, right and centre to secure the pact they need to govern as the clock ticks down

Organisers pull the plug on the Manilva Music Festival

A Facebook statement released says they will offer full refunds for tickets

VIDEO: Manilva Mayor candidate dad-dancing in Duquesa Port

But Diego Urieta is leader of Compromiso Manilva and hoping to be elected as Mayor on May 24

Meet the expats standing in the upcoming local elections

THE expat vote could have X-Factor repercussions in town halls up and down Spain, raising foreigners themselves to the hot seats of power. With the...

SPANISH HOLIDAY WARNING: The cost of guarding lives – how Spain’s Costa del Sol might be found lacking

With the Costa del Sol's 320-days-a-year of sun, are just 90 days of lifeguard duty on beaches enough? As Marbella mourns the tragic drowning of three people, Iona Napier finds some leading hoteliers unhappy with Spain's beach safety

Manilva residents demand greater police presence

Town Hall urge residents to sign up to the Padron in order to receive greater police presence on the streets

Sabinillas armed robber arrested

Firearm recovered from his home in Manilva

Standing strong: In support of vicious assault victim

Costa del Sol community clubbed together to 'out' the man who beat up a grandmother

Raisins for celebrating Manilva’s wine-making tradition

Every September Manilva celebrates its winemaking tradition with a three-day harvest festival

La Duquesa: The Port of Adventure

If the idea of travelling around the world in 80 restaurants floats your boat, bustling La Duquesa Port is the perfect spot to drop anchor

Manilva: End of the line

Manilva is becoming the toast of the coast for more than just its wine

Where to eat in Sabinillas and Duquesa

You need to get the insider knowledge to find the best places to eat in Manilva

IN PICTURES: Olive Press officially launches new Sabinillas office

Author Chris Stewart visited Sabinillas to officially launch the brand new Olive Press office last week

Stunning expat victory againt Cajasol bank and Costa del Sol property promoter

Estepona court orders repayment of €600,000

Manilva expats pull together to help underprivileged children at Christmas

An expat charity in Duquesa is pulling out all the stops to provide the less fortunate with a Christmas to remember

Expat campaign to ban animal circus in Manilva and Casares

Following Malaga's decision to outlaw animal circuses, an expat wants the law rolled out along the Costa del Sol

New mayor of Manilva is here to stay

Diego Urieta has revealed plans to unite the foreign residents and locals

BREAKING: Mayoress of Manilva resigns from office

Antonia Munoz Vazquez has stepped down from her position as Mayoress of Manilva, amidst administration scandal

EXCLUSIVE: Irish lothario conman tracked to the Costa del Sol

EXCLUSIVE: Irish lothario - who conned woman out of €80,000 - arrives on Costa expat dating scene

Costa del Sol coastal path connecting Nerja to Manilva will be ‘ready soon’

The 184km route will make walking or cycling the whole way possible




EYE ON IBIZA 2022: Where to stay and where to eat on the Spanish island

MINIMUM spend lunches at €250-a-head, €700-a-week hire cars, Michael Gove on the dancefloor. Yikes! Is it any wonder Ibiza’s been a little quieter this...


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