Monday, December 11, 2023
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Catalonia to hold independence referendum on October 1

The Spanish government in Madrid has said it will block any attempt to divorce the region from the rest of the country

Mariano Rajoy joins tributes for Malaga fashion designer who died from cancer at just 46

The Spanish prime minister expressed his condolences for the world-renowned creative's death on Sunday

Mariano Rajoy presses wrong button to accidentally vote against own budget

The budget should be adopted by the end of June

Mariano Rajoy called as a witness in corruption trial

Rajoy will give evidence in a corruption case concerning his party

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy hosts EU leaders’ meeting in Madrid

Madrid launches Brexit charm offensive after EU puts Gibraltar veto on table

Parliament to probe illegal funding claims against Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular

A series of corruption scandals has caused popularity for the PP to wane

Spain will host Brexit meeting on UK negotiations with southern EU leaders

They will meet at the El Pardo palace outside Madrid

Fracking has officially failed in Spain in loss for Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular

Fracking firms have been met with strong opposition from locals and regional authorities

Hard Brexit will have ‘innumerable repercussions’ for British expats and will see Spain’s GDP fall by up to €4...

Exports are expected to fall by between €500 million and €1 billion

MARIANO RAJOY: Andalucia needs better leaders

It is not yet known if Diaz will run to be head of the Junta again in 2019

Spain appoints ‘sex tsar’ in attempt to boost declining population

She has been appointed by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

Rajoy and Hollande pledge to make EU unbreakable force at Malaga political summit

Mariano Rajoy and Francois Hollande outlined their commitment to leading a 'rapid programme of European integration' to pull member states closer together at a press conference in Malaga

More than 160,000 protest in Barcelona to demand Spain takes in more refugees

Spain has so far taken in just 1,100 of the 17,300 refugees it promised to accept

Spain PM Rajoy and French president Hollande in Malaga for political summit

The pair, flanked each by seven ministers, have met to discuss how they can bolster the working relationship of the two countries and better integrate EU countries following Brexit.

Brexit could scupper Spain’s recovering car industry

Countries like the UK are showing wariness as the pound dropped in value

Mariano Rajoy pledges to defend British expats in Brexit negotiations

The prime minister hopes 'nothing is going to change' for British expats in Spain

Spanish tanks pose ‘threat to Russia’ as part of NATO mission in Latvia

SPAIN will send troops to Latvia as part of a NATO mission which Russian officials have labelled a 'threat'.  The mission to 'strengthen Latvian security' will include...

Unemployment falls in Spain, but most jobs ‘precarious’

Just four out of every 100 contracts signed in December were long-term and full-time, the UGT has said

Spain’s prime minister Rajoy rejects Theresa May’s Brexit proposal

Mariano Rajoy said that EU powers were 'not going to accept' a UK government attempt to rip apart the 'four key freedoms' enshrined in the EU single market to suit its own ends

Junta de Andalucia boss Susana Diaz faces trial for coercing PSOE delegates investiture vote

The PSOE chief and three other party execs have been denounced for allegedly making threats to MPs if they did not abstain

Ex-UK Foreign Secretary William Hague warns Spain could hold UK ‘hostage’ over Gibraltar

Hague suggested Mariano Rajoy’s PP government may aim for 'joint sovereignty over Gibraltar'

Spain to finally have new government as Mariano Rajoy expected to win confidence vote tomorrow

The embattled PSOE have said they will abstain from tomorrow's vote

The court case for Spain’s biggest political corruption scandal in 40 years begins

As proceedings begin in the biggest political scandal to hit Spain in over 40 years, Rob Horgan takes a look at who is standing in the dock

New round of talks to start on October 24 to form Spanish government

The two main PP and PSOE parties and others will be invited by King Felipe to try and find a breakthrough

Spain’s Socialist party on the brink after ‘coup attempt’ sees half of its leadership resign

Party members will decide whether or not to elect a new leader




Spain wants to BAN smoking on restaurant terraces and crackdown on vaping

LONG-TERM plans to restrict smoking in public places are being dusted down once again from the Ministry of Health's shelves. Some of Spain's regions got...


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