Friday, December 1, 2023
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Felipe and Letizia take on Portugal

The royal pair have been received by President Cavaco Silva at Belem Palace

Police grill four Maddie McCann suspects

One suspect is said to suffer from severe schizophrenia

Eight to be quizzed over Maddie McCann disappearance

Meanwhile excavations in the Algarve are said to be 'encouraging'

Operation in search for Maddie McCann ‘planned for long time and at a high level’ says detective

Spain-based detective insists the hunt in Portugal digging up three very specific locations will run into millions

Spain blamed for ‘wall of death’ wiping out British sharks

Spanish and Portuguese fishing fleets responsible for plummeting UK shark populations

Mediterranean Group ministers meet to discuss ‘burning issue’ of immigration

The seven Foreign Affairs ministers have met for the first time in Alicante in Spain

British police track Madeleine McCann suspects in Portugal

Scotland Yard detectives have arrived in Portugal hoping to arrest three men in connection with Madeleine McCann's disappearance six years ago

VIDEO: Metropolitan Police release new e-fits in connection with Maddie McCann disappearance

The Crimewatch appeal will be running tonight on BBC1 at 9pm (UK time)

Spanish cinema visits take a tumble

People are choosing to spend their time away from the movies

PP leader continued contact with drug smuggler after his arrest

Judge who sentenced drugs lord claims to have tapes of Galicia leader's phone calls

Police raid golf club in search for missing British child

Portuguese police search Filipe Silva's golf club as search for Ellie continues
Missing Ellie with mother Candice e

British mother’s plea for return of missing daughter

An arrest warrant has been issued for Filipe Silva, who has connections in Andalucia, after he failed to return the seven-year-old to her mother three months ago

Was Madeleine McCann in Ibiza?

Man believes he saw the missing girl on a flight to Germany

Spain increases motorway tolls

And on September 1 costs will rise yet again

Spain look to restore feel-good factor

As Telecinco sees record audience

Police probe whether German couple could have snatched a ‘groggy’ Madeleine McCann?

Despite reporting her suspicions to three police forces, with descriptions and car number plate, British expat insists detectives did NOT pursue claims that she saw Maddie on Costa del Sol campsite. EXCLUSIVE By Wendy Williams and Jon Clarke in Cabopino

Portuguese launch new Maddy probe

Police will review all the evidence in Madeleine McCann case

Tragedy for Portuguese tourist

The 37-year-old jumped into the sea in Nerja - with tragic consequences

Toll too far between Spain and Portugal

The 77 euro fee to cross into the Algarve is tourist suicide

Iberia United?

Bartie thinks the economic crisis could be just the excuse for Spain to buy Portugal

Gibraltar gets a taste of Portugal

Portuguese Food and Wine Festival to take place on August 24

Euro in turmoil as Spanish Prime Minister holds talks with US President Barack Obama

Zapatero returns to Madrid to deal with crisis after cutting short his holiday in Andalucia's Donana National Park

Bank shares plummet amid fears over Spanish economy

Spain and Italy are seen as being too big to bail out

McCanns condemned by seeing a priest

New revelations as British Prime Minister David Cameron orders the reopening of files relating to the McCann case

EU economy is finally on the up

Strongest growth figures posted for four years thanks to a booming Germany

High speed to austerity in Portugal

Portugal cuts plan for AVE fast-track railway and health spending in bailout agreement




“This has to stop” – mother delivers petition to Congress with 63,000 signatures demanding total ban of mobile phones...

TWO TEACHERS on Thursday delivered a petition with 63,000 signatures to Spain’s Congress of Deputies in a bid to encourage a total ban on...


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