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Elderly urged to take flu vaccine to avoid healthcare system ‘overload’ on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A region-wide campaign begins on October 5 by appointment only in order to comply with social-distancing regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 vaccine trials begin today in Spain as Madrid suffers early hiccup

It is expected that the full development and testing of the vaccine could take up to two years to reach the public

Spain COVID-19 vaccine setback as British test subject falls ill

SPAIN's purchase of three million doses of the British developed vaccine has hit a setback after one of the UK's test subjects...

Coronavirus vaccine may be available in Spain within next year

A CORONAVIRUS vaccine may be available to the general public in Spain within the next year.

Spain on target to develop coronavirus vaccination ‘sooner than expected’

Sanchez highlighted that one of the greatest resources Spain has to combat COVID-19 is its scientific and research community.

COVID-19: As human trials for vaccine begin in UK, Bill Gates says world could need 14 billion doses to...

AS the Oxford Vaccine Group begins human trials for its COVID-19 vaccine, Bill Gates has said the world could need 14 billion...

Hoteliers in Spain’s Mallorca put forward Playa de Palma as tourism pilot destination until COVID-19 vaccine found

Hoteliers believe Playa de Palma has the ideal conditions to protect visitors from coronavirus

Spain leading one of 70 investigations around the world in race to find coronavirus vaccine while UK to begin...

Human coronavirus vaccine trials are also to start this week in the UK.

Spain to have potential vaccine for COVID-19 by end of April

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, announced that the vaccine is being researched by Luis Enjuanes and Isabel Sola

China begins clinical trials for first coronavirus vaccine

CHINA has begun clinical trials for its first coronavirus vaccine.

COVID-19: Spanish pharma giant says it could have coronavirus cure ‘within weeks’

A SPANISH pharmaceutical giant has said it could have an effective treatment for coronavirus in Europe and the US within weeks.  PharmaMar president Jose Maria...

Murcia’s flu epidemic now raging through Spain

HAVING reached epidemic levels in the Murcia region earlier this week, the outbreak of influenza has spread throughout the country.

Doctors in Spain launch three-year plan to eradicate Hepatitis C

According to the WHO there is no current vaccine for Hepatitis C, but in Spain a drug has been deployed since 2015 to treat over 120,000 people

Flu EPIDEMIC that killed 12 hits Andalucia but peak will be less than previous years

Malaga is below the Andalucian average of 264 cases per 100,000

Flu EPIDEMIC to rock Andalucia next week as illness spreads through Spain

It is moving down through Spain and is already above average in the Balearics, Navarra, Catalunya and Melilla

Scientists in Spain develop new pioneering VACCINE against deathly Zika virus

The virus can cause serious neurological conditions like microcephaly, where a baby’s head develops abnormally

Spanish minister says ‘best vaccine against violence is education’

Forty eight women have been killed by their partners in Spain so far this year

New Meningitis B vaccine introduced in Gibraltar

The ‘Men B vaccine’ is now part of the routine childhood vaccination programme in Gibraltar

New Ebola vaccine will be tested in Madrid

The experimental vaccineis called VSV-ZEBOV and contains a bovine strain of the disease

Six-year-old boy dies in Spain’s first diphtheria case since 1987

The boy’s parents’ decision to not vaccinate him has sparked renewed debate

Whooping cough on the rise

There has been a tenfold increase in the number of cases this year compared to 2010

Vets in Spain optimistic over new dog vaccine

Preventative measure aimed at tackling Leishmaniasis, which affects a third of dogs in Spain

Possible breakthrough following Spanish HIV trials

Researchers report a 90 per cent immune response to vaccine designed to combat AIDS virus


HOSPITAL CASES involving COVID-19 fall below 1,000 for first time in 2021 in Spain’s Valencian Community

HOSPITALISATIONS caused by COVID-19 have dropped into three figures for the first time this year according to Valencian health ministry figures released...