Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

Tag: Antonio Banderas

THE actor Antonio Banderas has been given the green light to establish his long-sought after theatre project. The Alameda Theatre in Malaga is set to be the venue after Banderas reached an agreement with owners...

The actor had pulled out of the project after ‘humiliating treatment’

“If there is something good that came from all of this, it is that I suddenly stopped smoking, without needing pills or anything like that. It’s over!” said Banderas, 56

The week-long event celebrates the best Spanish and Latin American films of the last year and attracts Hispanic actors and filmmakers from all over the world

Mask of Zorro star Antonio Banderas was pictured larking around with Santa at the royal’s Dumfries House bolthole in Scotland

The iconic Byblos hotel in Mijas is set to reopen its doors to a new A-list crowd as Lord Sugar bows out

Malaga actor says new film is 'thrilling, hard and dangerous'

The Zorro star posed for photos with fans before hosting the annual auction

Travel back in time with Antonio Banderas

Much of the film was shot in Colombian mines where the cast suffered methane overdose

In the space of a week he released a ridiculous-sounding perfume and supported the Israel military

Banderas took his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel on a shopping spree before a night out at Starlite

Antonio Banderas makes his feelings clear on the pressure society puts on women

The Malaga-born movie star is set to trade Hollywood for homework

The Malaga-born actor wants to swap Los Angeles for a more authentic life in Europe

The Malaga-born actor says his hometown is always on his mind

International airport? Check. High-speed rail line? Check. Mediterranean lifestyle? Check. Sandy beaches? Check. Picasso museum? Check. Almost 1,000 kilometres apart, the two cities are closer than they seem

Antonio Banderas and his brother have donated €75,000 to the University of Malaga to provide grants for overseas study

The Hollywood actor is taking things 'cautiously' with new girlfriend after splitting from Melanie Griffiths earlier this year

The Malaga-born superstar will pick up his award at the star-studded gala in February

Confirmed to be dating Dutch investment consultant Nicole Kempel

Police seize 2.8 tonnes of hashish and arrest five people following an emergency call by a concerned citizen

The Malaga native sad after divorce from Melanie Griffith

The Olive Press talks to Starlite Festival founder Sandra Garcia-Sanjuan about Marbs, Antonio Banderas and global ambitions

Antonio Banderas splits from Melanie Griffiths after 18 years




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