Monday, 22 January, 2018

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FIGURES released this week by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have painted a damning picture of the future of the UK’s economy. The IMF singled the UK out as a ‘notable exception’ to an improving...

ALMOST 1,000 people were injured while trying to vote in the Catalunya referendum yesterday.  According to the Catalan health service, 893 people received medical attention as a result of injuries sustained during clashes with police. Four...

Three times as many migrants have arrived in Spain so far this year compared to the same period in 2016

A family of four travelling to and from Spain would have to fork out an extra €280 just for their suitcases

They will meet at the El Pardo palace outside Madrid

Spain has so far taken in just 1,100 of the 17,300 refugees it promised to accept

Greece has also seen a massive 40% surge in holiday bookings

He is now aiming to raise €4,500 in order to feed and clothe refugees across Greece

EXCLUSIVE: Man with a van and a plan

Two-thirds of Spaniards live in flats

Spain, Greece, Hungary and Romania have been singled out for being countries ‘of concern’ by the European Commission

The decision to acquit three Greek sailors over the 2002 Prestige tanker spill has been met with widespread criticism

As predicted five years ago, Greece is still a country to watch when it comes to the euro’s future, writes Ian Le Breton, Managing Director of Sovereign Trust

In August, Morocco’s hotels were charging on average €100 per night, while Spanish hotels charged €124

Douglas Chadwick of Saltydog Investor on weathering the financial storm...

Sterling continues to go from strength to strength

Without Tunisia as an option, even more Brits vacation in Spain

Belinda Beckett aka Mistress of Sizzle guzzles Greek grub in a bus shelter at Gibraltar’s gastro fest

The Greek people have eventually shed some clarity on their country's troubles

He claimed Spain is ‘absolutely not contemplating’ the possibility Greece will leave the Eurozone

The self-confessed member of the ‘don’t-vote party’, Brand talked up a ‘new type of politics’ in his latest rant on YouTube channel The Trews

Bishop Robert Innes claims the Marbles were removed from Greece ‘in questionable circumstances’

More than 10,000 black market operations currently take place each year

Spain may not have emerged from 'la crisis' yet, but, in prime areas of the Costa del Sol, property is selling faster than it has for years




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