Tuesday, 17 October, 2017

Tag: Tourism

Marbella and Mijas are in the top three.

I don’t blame Palma de Mallorca residents for scrawling ‘Tourists go home, refugees welcome’ on the walls of their citadel, writes Belinda Beckett

AT least 46,400 Spaniards lost their jobs in August as the tourism season began drawing to a close, new figures have revealed.  The figure is a much sharper rise in unemployment than over the same...

As I get older and wiser (and that's an oxymoron in itself) that I no longer look forward to the annual influx of party hungry tourists that I did as a younger and much, much wilder twentysomething, writes Giles Brown

  MARBELLA tourism chiefs are cracking down on ‘savage’ brit tourists. Under new rules, revellers who exhibit drunk and disorderly behaviour could could be slapped with hefty fines. To nip the problem in the bud, they have...

Andalucia has already raked in €6 billion from tourism in the first quarter of this year

FOREIGN tourists contributed a staggering €3 billion to the Andalucian economy in the first quarter of 2017. According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), the astonishing figure is a 15.1% increase on last year. It places...

The towns will now advertise each other

Europe attracts the most foreign tourists, followed by Asia Pacific, but Spain comes out on top overall in a study by the World Economic Forum.

The Junta de Andalucia head will spend this weekend at the International Tourism Berlin fair due to 'incertainties' over the impact of Britain leaving the EU

Security expert Will Geddes appeared on ITV's This Morning and TalkRadio to talk about the report

Foreign visitors spent €60 billion in the country last year

Secretary of State for Tourism Isabel Borrego says the figure is an 11% increase on last year and shows the continued importance of the UK to Spain’s tourism industry

UK visitors spent 15% more in the country in the three months after the June vote than in the same period in 2015

Thousands of holiday rental homes have failed to be registered since the new regulations came into force

September alone saw two million Brits visit Spanish shores

Currently around 500,000 players tee off each year in Malaga.

Malaga has seen an increase in British tourism over the last two years

Seeking safety, Brits flock to Spain rather than North Africa and Turkey

Tourist sector employed 16.2% of all Spaniards in 2015

January figures for holiday bookings this summer are up by 27%

84.7% of firms confirming their sales improved last year

Spanish businesses are cashing in via the 21st century meeting room - Skype

Tourists seeking winter sun are choosing Spain and Europe over north African destinations after terror attacks spark concern

207 cruise ships will have called in at Gibraltar this year - 27 more than last year

The subject will include the development of Gibraltarian people, natural history, geology and the marine environment




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