Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Scythed by a kite surfer

AN unsuspecting pensioner diced with death after tangling with a reckless kitesurfer

Swine flu kills three

Swine flu claims its first victims in Andalucia

Hunger strike ended

Actress' brother calls off hunger strike

World’s oldest mother dies in Cadiz

69-year-old mother of twins loses her battle with cancer

Shallow grave

Woman found guilty of starving 16 thoroughbreds sees more horses die in Spain

On me ‘ead minotaur

They have painted the town blue in Jerez after the town’s football team got promoted to the Spanish first division

La Luz Saved

EXCLUSIVE - A massive hotel scheme that would have radically altered a large part of the Costa de la Luz has been scrapped.

My Off-Plan property nightmare

Buyer loses tens of thousands after buying unbuilt property through complex web of agents and a lawyer who wasn't interested

I’m sherry inspired

The world’s most influential wine critic is to come to Jerez for his first trip to Europe in over 20 years

Shrimp comes home

His funeral cortège stretched for seven miles and was attended by over 100,000 people. So it seems fitting that the childhood home of flamenco star Cameron de la Isla should be turned into a museum

Edgar Allan Poe Street

Jerez is to name a street after cult US novelist Edgar Allan Poe. This year is the 200th anniversary of his birth

Robin on the menu

Britain's favourite bird, the robin, is still on the menu in some restaurants in Cadiz.

Massacre remembered

During the early days of the Spanish Civil War, a large group of women and children were rounded up and shot in a chapel near Jimena de la Frontera.

An Albatross? An Eagle? No, that’s an Ibis!

Golf not so bad for the environment after all, with one of world's rarest birds colonising its greens

Were banks linked to planning scandal?

A further 18 people have been arrested over the continuing investigation into the construction of 30,000 illegal homes in Chiclana.

Why paragliding is a truly electrifying sport

A paraglider is said to be to blame for a series of powercuts in a pair of villages in El Gastor and Algodonales in Cadiz.

A tale of two gulls

Almería protects rare bird while Cádiz launches gull cull following invasion

The Developer Vanishes

Developers disappear after court rules that they unlawfully pocketed 50,000 euro deposit from English man, whose home will never be built

Beach bar ban for El Palmar

Long evenings spent lounging on the beach, mojito in hand, while watching the sun go down could be a thing of the past after one local council on the Costa de la Luz banned all chiringuitos this summer

Government reiterates coast battle

Cádiz coast first to benefit from construction crackdown

Construction threatens ancient Roman ruins

PLANS to build 170 houses and a hotel close to the ruins of a second century Roman settlement have been slammed by environmental groups.

Singer released after child murder charges dropped

Miguel Flores walked free from court in Jerez de la Frontera after the child’s family decided not to proceeed with the case




Analysis: Popular Party’s Alberto Nuñez Feijoo uses own investiture debate to act as opposition leader

FOR POLITICAL analysts in Spain, the head of the conservative Popular Party (PP), Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, behaved more like an opposition leader during day...


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