Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A restaurant on Spain’s Costa del Sol is selling prepaid vouchers to use once the restaurant reopens, with proceeds...

A RESTAURANT on the Costa del Sol has been offering customers the opportunity to buy prepaid vouchers, to use once the restaurant reopens.

While we can’t all ‘go hog wild and have big fun on the bayou’ this sausage jambalaya is the...

FOR the last few weeks they have been holed up in Granada following a coronavirus travel nightmare (see Olive Press Issue 340). But now...

Plexiglas screens, thermal cameras and safety ‘certificates’ – how Spain’s restaurants and hotels plan to open to a COVID-19...

Would a hotel buffet be relaxing if staff steam-clean your table between hermetically-sealed meals? How would a candlelit dinner...

CASTAWAY COOKING: This chicken, ham and bean stew is an homage to the Sierra Nevada mountains, writes British chef...

In our present situation there can't be many people who haven't got a jar of beans somewhere in their kitchen

New invention solves ‘corked wine’ problem and will help Spain and Portugal’s huge cork estates grow and thrive

The discovery comes as it emerged that the number of wines using corks has risen by 600,000 bottles a year, while plastic stopper use has fallen by four million units

Joys Bar & Nightclub on Spain’s Costa del Sol celebrating its seven year anniversary on Facebook and you’re all...

AN expat bar on the Costa del Sol will be celebrating its seven year anniversary next week live on Facebook.

RANKED: Spain’s Top 10 most searched recipes on Google during coronavirus lockdown

THE coronavirus crisis has forced most people to stay at home and now they have ample of time on their hands.

Restaurant owners in Spain’s Malaga estimate a loss of €270 million so far and 80,000 people in the industry...

RESTAURANT owners in Malaga estimate that there has been about €270 million in losses and 80,000 people in the industry without jobs.

7 home food safety tips for coronavirus prevention

The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) says there is no evidence that food is a source of COVID-19 transmission.

CASTAWAY COOKING: A steaming bowl of fideua is your perfect Sunday comfort food, writes British chef stranded in Spain...

A simple one-pot stew, fideua can most easily be described as short strands of spaghetti cooked in stock in a similar manner to that of a paella

Costa del Sol French chef Joffrey launches new home delivery service

He is also offering a free meal for an elderly couple along the coast each week

Leading Marbella hospitality company Sala Group insists: ‘We are open and supporting the community’

Special free meals are being delivered to doctors and nurses working in the area

Beer sales skyrocket 78% and bleach sales fall as Spanish supermarkets enter week two of coronavirus lockdown

BEER sales have skyrocketed 78% as people across Spain settle into week two of a coronavirus lockdown. Bleach sales...

Food rationing ruled out by Spanish government

Stockpiling before the state of alarm did diminish the shops but that the situation has returned to normal

BODEGAS ALVEAR SPAIN: A dive into the dark cellars of Andalucia’s oldest bodega where eight generations of a family...

Acclaimed American wine critic Robert Parker gave one of Alvear's wines his top score of 100.

London diaries day one – How the UK differs from Spain in its fight against coronavirus

BORIS Johnson may have finally got the memo that coronavirus affects the UK as well and has finally acted upon it.

BREAKING: UK follows Spain and closes all pubs and restaurants in the fight against coronavirus

BORIS Johnson has told all pubs, restaurants and gyms to close from tonight and not to reopen tomorrow, in the bid to combat coronavirus.

You NEED to try this Torrezno, voted the best in SPAIN

THE best torrezno in Spain has been announced.

Chinese restaurant shuts dining room amid coronavirus fears on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A CHINESE restaurant has shut its dining to safeguard the 'wellbeing and health' of its customers amid fears of a coronavirus pandemic.

On International Women’s Day, Barry shows true love for his disabled wife and becomes hilarious internet sensation

ONE man's devotion to his beloved wife, recorded during of a BBC radio phone-in, has gone viral on International Women's Day

Which chefs and restaurants won and lost in Spain’s Repsol Guide?

SAN Sebastian in the Basque Country has hosted the annual gastronomic festival organised by the Repsol Guide.

From East coast to Med coast – how Brit couple made Our Plaice like ‘home’ to a whole community

BRITISH expat, Jim Barclay, had been retired and living in Spain for less than a year when he started looking for a...

Four Spanish dishes you didn’t know you could cook on a barbecue

THERE is only one thing that can beat good Spanish food – and that’s good Spanish food in the sun.

Spanish company creates new rum based drink that is mixed with cannabis

A SPANISH startup has developed a drink that’s distilled with cannabis.

7 Foods You Need To Eat Before You Die

The world is full of wonderful plates to die for. Sure, your regular plate of burgers and French fries is appetizing, but what about...

Climate change blamed for alarming rise of hornworms, destroying Mallorca’s tomatoes, peppers and aubergines

In recent years, the presence of hornworms in Mallorca has grown considerably