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Rowdy stag party gets kicked off flight to Spain

A ‘disruptive’ stag party was kicked off a Ryanair flight to Spain after making an air steward cry

Ryanair refuses double transplant emergency in Spain

A sick child in need of a double transplant was refused on to a Ryanair flight

Ryanair to offer a lifeline to Spain’s ghost airport

Ryanair will become the first airline to operate flights from Castellon's airport

Man travels from Spain to UK on his bus pass

The Home Office are looking into Ryanair's decision to allow the pension to fly

Premiership star flies to Spain for loan move… on Ryanair

The Arsenal striker posed for a photo while on board

Hundreds of British tourists involved in near-miss at Malaga airport

Ryanair pilot forced to take evasive action after coming within 150 metres of another plane

Ryanair guides two British families onto the wrong plane

Another wrong plane and several expensive taxis finally got them to their final destination

Ryanair flight attendant sacked for eating a sandwich

Madrid steward loses second appeal against dismissal

Ryanair brought back down to earth

Judge bans advertising of Ryanair's "sexist" cabin crew calendar in Spain

French air traffic control strike causes delays at Spanish airports

French strike grounds more than 120 flights and delays even more

Brit turned away from Ryanair flight

Ryanair stopped 22-year-old from boarding with bottle of Glenmorangie

Second tragedy for Malaga Three Kings family

The mother of a boy crushed under the wheels of a float during a Christmas Three Kings parade in Malaga has died

New rights for EU flight passengers

No more extortionate fees to change boarding passes, as new regulations are set to improve flying conditions around Europe

Teenage air steward saves woman’s life on Spanish flight

A teenager has been praised for his actions after he gave life-saving CPR to a female passenger when she suffered a heart attack

Malaga miracle worker saves boy’s life on Ryanair flight

New Year's mercy mission for flying Spanish nurse who raced against time to stabilize 10-year-old's condition

Ryanair pilots blow the whistle on cost-cutting fuel policy

Pilots speak out over fuel policy after three planes had to make emergency landings in Valencia in July

Ryanair pilot has outburst on Malaga flight

The pilot shouted at passengers after delays over baggage sizes and boarding passes

Ryanair cleared over flight diversions in Spain

Budget airline investigated by Irish authorities over claims it allowed aircraft to fly dangerously low on fuel to save costs

Ryanair investigated over air safety in Spain

Budget airline accused of pressuring pilots to fly with minimal fuel to cut costs

Ryanair accuses Spanish government of smear campaign

The Spanish transport minister is in Ireland for emergency talks with airline bosses

Mid-air terror for Ryanair passengers in Spain

Budget airline forced to make emergency landing due to burning smell and loss of altitude

Ryanair food more expensive than flight

Passengers could end up paying more for on board snacks than the air fare, according to research

Ryanair could lose right to fly in Spain

The Irish airline is under investigation after three Madrid-bound planes were diverted to Valencia

Ryanair bans Spanish policeman from its planes

The officer carried a gun onto a flight

Pilot recounts his ‘Yogi Bear’ days flying over Gibraltar in new memoir

Brian Meadley describes his countless aviation exploits in this autobiographical account

Ryanair earns €900 million despite drop in passenger numbers

Budget airline saw off competitors to record the figures for the first half of the year




Band of plucky Zapatistas set sail for Spain to begin peaceful invasion of Europe

ON the anniversary of the fall of Tenochtitlan and the start of Spain's rule in Mexico, a group of indigenous Zapatistas have set sail...