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RYANAIR BOSS: No flights between UK and EU after Brexit, summer 2019 ‘cancelled’

O’Leary argued that a clear legal framework was needed by September 2018

Passengers furious after Ryanair crew forget to bring teabags

Holidaymakers were looking forward to their early morning cuppa

Ryanair staff in Spain set to go on strike over Easter

Ryanair staff at Alicante–Elche airport are set to go on strike after disputes of unpaid wages to part time staff.

Ryanair will suspend flights from the UK without early aviation Brexit deal

Ryanair bosses say the airline may have to suspend flights out of the UK for weeks or months after Brexit

Flights to and from Spain cancelled due to strike by French air traffic controllers

The dispute has arisen over working times and conditions

Air steward arrested in Spain with €40,000 in cash stolen from Ryanair

The man tried to fly from Gran Canaria to Sevilla with money taken from a company safe

Disabled campaigners mount Madrid airport protest against Ryanair

Campaigners descended on the Adolfo Suarez-Madrid Barajas Airport, where they accused the airline of deliberately making it difficult for them to travel

VIDEO: Man sprints across runway at Spanish airport to catch Ryanair flight

The late passenger can be seen jumping down from the gangway

Dad flies to Spain on passport of 12-year-old daughter

The couple had not realised their mistak until they arrived at immigration at Malaga

Man threatens to ‘blow up’ Ryanair flight in Spain after being refused a beer

The passenger - travelling from Tenerife to Santiago de Compostela - was arrested when the flight landed after making the fake bomb threat

75% of Brits back booze limits on planes to combat drunken holiday blunders

Four in ten Britons are in favour of a two-drink limit for aeroplane passengers

Drunk Brits en route to Spain kicked off Ryanair flight

Rowdy passengers were booted off the plane at Limoges in France

Double amputee Brit allegedly told to crawl to plane by Ryanair in Spain

Holidaying Brit accuses Spanish airport staff of ‘humiliating’ him

David Cameron papped eating paella alone in Lanzarote after Ryanair flight

UK PM David Cameron is on holiday alone ‘with time to think’ before the family joins him

Ryanair coughs up €800 after charging family to check in for Spain flight

Lucas Marshall was billed €420 to check in to a flight back from the Canary Islands

Ryanair profits surge after ‘rare events’ boost budget airline

The budget carrier's half-yearly profits were boosted to €1.1billion

Ryanair launches seven new Malaga flight paths for summer 2016

The budget airline has announced a total of seven new routes to Malaga

Ryanair makes quarter of income through added extras

Budget airline Ryanair makes 25% of its income from added extras

‘Indefinite’ staff strikes at Madrid airport leave thousands of Ryanair passengers without luggage

The budget airline's bosses are now working 'around the clock' to cancel what they are terming an 'illegal strike'

Budget airlines booming on flights to Spain

In April alone, 2.85 million Brits descended on Spain via low cost airlines

Ryanair passengers go without toilet paper on flight from Murcia to London

Passengers were forced to endure the three hour flight with no toilet paper

Ryanair passenger numbers soar as a result of ‘be nice’ policy

The airline's management are claiming their charm offensive is partly responsible for the positive stats




Band of plucky Zapatistas set sail for Spain to begin peaceful invasion of Europe

ON the anniversary of the fall of Tenochtitlan and the start of Spain's rule in Mexico, a group of indigenous Zapatistas have set sail...