Tuesday, 28 February, 2017


Colder countries were found to have a lower rate of empty homes

Manilva council will front up most of the costs

More than 40% of Britons will change their holiday plans

And changes are expected to be taking place in how the un-policed zone outside terminal three operates to try stop people parking there for longer than allowed

There were over 200 call-outs to emergency services

Owens was twice arrested and held in jail on remand

It comes four years after the Irishwoman was caught in Peru while trying to smuggle more than €2 million worth of cocaine

Mariano Rajoy and Francois Hollande outlined their commitment to leading a 'rapid programme of European integration' to pull member states closer together at a press conference in Malaga

For seven months from March 15, pooches will be allowed to play on two separate stretches totalling 500 metres

Some areas saw 130 litres per square metre of water fall in just three hours

The pair, flanked each by seven ministers, have met to discuss how they can bolster the working relationship of the two countries and better integrate EU countries following Brexit.

A new exhibition will focus on post-war and late 20th century art

Some 500 people attended the Benhavis Decorative Fine Arts Society's event

A new method of calcium dating has put the caves at 20,000 years old

There will doubtless be people who are thinking that their entitlement to these benefits may cease

There have been landslides and 'chaos' in Malaga city

The anniversary has been marked by a series of events

They will join Sting, Jamie Cullen and Michael Nyman at the Sohail Castle

Hugh was told by doctors that his condition was ‘very serious’

The last 40 homes have gone on sale in Taylor Wimpey’s Acqua development in San Pedro

SPECSAVERS is collecting food donations for the Costa del Sol food bank Bancosol. Food can be donated at Specsavers branches in Marbella and Fuengirola. The campaign will run...

The unnamed calf is the fifth baby to be born at Bioparc Fuengirola

NHS doctors said the treatment would fail

Thieves have stolen thousands over the past few weeks

The Sala Group has six locations worldwide


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