Tuesday, June 19, 2018

‘I’m innocent’ says Forward Press publisher after arrest in Malaga

Forward Press boss Ian Walton insists he is not guilty of fraud

We’ll fight them in the hills

After death threats, harrassment and assault claims over a controversial German restaurant, British residents vow to fight

Free 2 insult

Pensioners warn readers not to cross abusive satellite provider Free2viewTV

Tinker, tailor, sailor… artist

Ex-Royal Navy Officer John Hutchinson is holding an art exhibition in Estepona

Cat woman in court

British pensioner in a desperate bid to save a dozen stray cats she has been caring for

Bring in the exorcist

Expat hotel enlists the church to drive out resident ghosts Aloy and Francisco who are scaring the guests

The ‘sexist, obnoxious pugilist’ comes to Malaga

The late German artist Martin Kippenberger has an exhibition at the Picasso Museum

Antequera high speed train testing track gets green light

World’s longest train testing track gets approval despite mounting opposition

Viva Las Vegas in Spain

15 billion euro gambling centre scheduled for Costa del Sol

Pictures could pay

Coin are taking entries for the 13th annual photography competition

Marbella museum will feature ancient Roman collection

Archaeologist finds artefacts in his own home

Junta halts scheme for new Ronda tourist centre

The new tourist centre would have been built on Roman ruins at Acinipo

Iceland opening tenth Spanish store in Puerto Banus

Iceland are opening more stores in Andalucia

The new Spanish Soho

Malaga city centre is set to be transformed into a cultural hub

Malaga police at risk from mafia after clerical error

Court case postponed after home addresses of police officers given to French gang

From Velvet to canvas

Blue Velvet director David Lynch exhibits work at Malaga exhibition

Police hunting for man who left Arriate on day Maria was killed

On what would have been her fourteenth birthday police have a new lead in the search for Maria Esther’s killer

Doctor Who?

String of health experts attending Living Well in Marbella

Gang shooting on Spain’s Costa del Crime

Gangland hit on British expat is a case of 'mistaken identity'

Murdered Maria received death threats

Two letters sent to the murdered teenager could be the latest clue to her killer as police reveal they have a 70 per cent DNA match

English Cemetery: Keeping the dead alive

Urgent battle has been launched to keep the English Cemetery in Malaga open

More Monarch flights from UK to Spain

UK airline Monarch have scheduled more budget flights from Spain to the UK

Kicking off to kick the habit in Spain

A series of arrests have been made after fights broke out over the new smoking ban

Spanish tourism on the increase

Despite the recession, visitors to Spain are on the up

Britons arrested in Spain for kidnapping

Three Britons have been arrested for kidnapping a man and demanding a ransom of 104,000 euros

Mafia weapons found on the Costa del Sol

A French national has been arrested for holding weapons for the mafia


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