Wednesday, 13 December, 2017


Nine out of 10 Islamic education teachers are out of work in Spain

Martha Payne's blog has become immensely popular despite causing tensions within her local council

AS the sun set on Joseph Maria Jujol, a school in the North of Barcelona, Isabel Safont was going nowhere. Neither were her pupils. Joseph...

Currently, only 2.9% of international students studying in Europe opt for Spanish universities

In the first-ever graduating class of the music school's new campus, Brits make a solid showing

The Mayor of London would like to see schools introduce a compulsory two hours of sport each day

Higher education schools in both Madrid and Barcelona are now offering shepherding courses

The central government intends to reduce GDP expenditure on education from 4.1% to 3.6%.

BREXIT has been blamed for a drop in Europeans applying for British university places. The number of students coming to the UK from the EU...

No other form of art has ever divided people so strongly

Great prizes on offer in the Olive Press' junior writing competition

A Sotogrande hotel is hosting an information evening for interested parents to get to know the headmaster of Gibraltar's independent school opening in 2016

Too much time spent on video games could lead to young people growing up to be agressive adults

The regional government has signed off on a new protocol in a bid to tackle transphobia

The insurers will be on hand offering first-class advise for all of your insurance needs from areas as broad as money, health, property and inheritance.

Teachers in Spain are setting more than six hours of homework per week

Increasing number of pre-schoolers becoming competent users of electronic gadgets, including iPads

A Brexit would make it harder for UK universities to recruit international students

Valencia’s Universitat Politecnica flies the flag for Spanish universities

Four food technology students went behind the scenes at a world-renowned restaurant in Marbella

The 25-year-old midfielder posted pictures of himself with the class of 2015 on Instagram

The school's Madrid outlet taught David Beckham's children when he played for Real Madrid

More than 500 students are enrolled at the two schools

The British Council is setting up 40 events in Spain to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the literary giants’ death

Elena Peel and Jasper Kettell's accounts of Cadiz and Via Verdes




Some 9,000 Palma residents moved out of the diverse city in 2016. According to the councillor for equality and civic rights, 35 percent of those...
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