Friday, 20 October, 2017


BSM headteacher and columnist Sian Kirkham on epic waterfights, celeb parties and dance routines at the end of term

Student Alex Rawlings speaks 11 languages!

Daniel Pajuelo Vazquez uses the 3-D world-building game to teach his pupils religious education

The Barcelona forward’s charity has created 20 classrooms for displaced children

They are hosting a drop in session on the 15 June, 2016 at Tennis Club Puente Romano, Marbella for students and parents who are interested in learning more

The programme aims to raise cultural awareness of China in a number of countries in which there are strong trade relations

The funds from the cancelled festival will go to buying schoolbooks for unemployed families

Swans pupil Guillermo Fernandez (year 13) on why taking a year out between school and university may not be the best idea

Will Spain's other autonomous communities follow suit?

Biker generation

Student translates famous scene from Romeo and Juliet into text speak

Antonio Banderas and his brother have donated €75,000 to the University of Malaga to provide grants for overseas study

Children educated about sexual abuse from an early age are more likely to report it

Anyone aged 19 or under is invited to nominate their best work for the award

Too much time spent on video games could lead to young people growing up to be agressive adults

The reformist leader wants undergraduates to spend a few months a year sweeping the streets

Supporting a football team is a great way to meet other kids, and make friends at school. Nicholas Andersen (age 13), above, gives his advice on how to choose your new team in Spain

English TEFL teachers are bucking the trend finding plenty of work in the heart of the recession

A favourable exchange rate has led to a rise in US applicants

Spanish A-levels rose as business focus shifts to Spanish

She will also be joined Meryl Streep in Morocco

Spain has opened its first ever ‘lightsaber school’ as it pursues this futuristic sport

But men have higher employment rates

Want a good way to stop wasps from ruining your lunch? Try this, writes Wendy Andersen

The 11 year olds have been supended

Swans put in a lot of work to highlight and fight against school bullying in 2014 and looks to continue doing so in 2015


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