Friday, 20 October, 2017


The winner will join slimmers from more than 30 countries at the grand final in Telford, in November

Pioneering 14-hour procedure performed on accident victim whose legs were amputated above the knee

The report says the lack of red meat and dairy products may be linked to losing fewer brain cells as people age

The disease has a 40 percent mortality rate

Lawyer Antonio Flores looks at the impact of Spain’s decision to no longer bear the brunt of health tourism and what it means for expats

Temperatures rise again after a brief weekend off

Discovery of ‘ghost’ cells could revolutionise treatment of the disease

A report has shown the link between a child's health and their TV intake

How to calm your nerves in the dentist’s chair

It is hoped locals will open their doors to the families for 10 days

More than 14,000 people took part in the survey

A mum, who now hopes to help others, has described her heartache after discovering her son has Tourette’s Syndrome.

Extra veggies can reduce heart disease risk, study shows

Spain has one of the worst exercise rates in Europe

The first reference centres to help children suffering from butterfly skin will be announced during a special event at La Paz Hospital, Madrid.

A spot of pruning, digging or mowing in your free time could help you stay trim

Spanish scientists have discovered red wine is best for fighting bacteria

A break in Spain could do wonders for your chances of conceiving

The team of four trained specialists deal with developmental issues, as well as speech impediments

Spoof ‘miracle’ tanning cream marketed by skin care charity

Linea Directa guarantees patients will require less treatment through its medical treatment service

Some 3.5 pints of fat were then sucked out of his back, waist and thighs

It doesn't just help reduce dementia, new research suggests it's diabetes too!

Spain now has one of the highest resistance to antibiotics

Malaga’s health service brings up the rear for Andalucia, says recent study

Hundreds of stings reported over the weekend




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