Monday, June 18, 2018

Sierra de las Nieves moves one step closer to becoming national park

The park is home to the largest population of Spanish firs in Andalusia and more than 150 species of birds.

UK doctors warn holidaymakers of henna tattoos

Say no to henna

Europeans to live two years longer by 2030

A new infographic by the World Health Organization has compared life expectancy now to predicted expectancy in 2030

Smoking linked to weight gain

Mystery surrounding why smokers gain weight after quitting may have been solved

Spanish scientists say Mediterranean diet improves sperm quality

It has been said that consuming fish, seafood, poultry, cereals, vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy and skimmed milk can improve sperm quality

Mental health problems cause ‘shame’ for families

Anti-stigma campaigns should include relatives, says Spanish researcher

We’re only human… just

OUR bodies are covered in microscopic creatures, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Not surprisingly the vast majority of this microscopic life resides in our...

The herbivore diaries: The OP’s Laurence Dollimore takes on the vegan challenge

The OP’s Laurence Dollimore survives on a vegan diet for a week ... almost

Marbella plastic surgeons carry out life-changing surgery on disfigured Kenyan patients

Medical staff from the clinic successfully treated 45 patients and carried out surgery on 25.

2016: What a year!

A look back at one of the most dramatic years in memory

Cancer Sucks Spain

Cancer support group comes into fruition after starting on Facebook

Doctor Who?

String of health experts attending Living Well in Marbella

What to do if you are stung by a jellyfish in Spain

WITH the news that potentially lethal Man-o-war 'jellyfish' are back on the Costa del Sol, it's important to know what to do and what...

The ‘hotel of a million stars’ is the perfect holiday for detox and Spanish immersion courses

A slice of wilderness in the heart of Grazalema Natural Park

Putting SimpleCare to the test

The Olive Press’ Commercial Director Dale Nottingham tries out an affordable private health scheme

British mother is suing travel company after daughter caught disease in Mallorca

Gemma Moran, alleges her eight-year-old daughter Clio caught the life-long disease after she was bitten by ticks while staying in a ‘disgusting’ apartment in Mallorca.

Stay resolute

Dr Raymond Prats from Simplecare looks at healthy habits to keep up this year

WATCH: Drunk Spanish man rides a donkey through village in Caceres

Bernabé the donkey, was forced through the packed, cobbled streets of the village while throngs of people surrounded the animal.

Spaniards live longer with a life expectancy of 82

People are living longer worldwide, with average life expectancy up from 65 in 1990 to 71.5 in 2013

First permanent artificial heart to beat in Spain

A series of health problems prevented Pedro Garcia from undergoing a regular heart transplant

Sun worshippers in Spain spoofed to ‘rays’ awareness

Spoof ‘miracle’ tanning cream marketed by skin care charity

Red wine prevents tooth decay, study reveals

Spanish scientists have discovered red wine is best for fighting bacteria


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