Friday, 15 December, 2017


Research has found people who lose weight are more prone to depression

New figures show the number of foreigners coming to Spain for cosmetic surgery is at an all time high

The full of fitness sport

Dr Raymond Prats from Simplecare looks at healthy habits to keep up this year

The report says the lack of red meat and dairy products may be linked to losing fewer brain cells as people age
Old folks in Spain live longer

People are living longer worldwide, with average life expectancy up from 65 in 1990 to 71.5 in 2013

Expat slams hospital over shock payment for husband’s leg cremation

Betrinac has successfully been shown to treat those with memory problems

There are more elevators per person in Spain than anywhere in Europe
Cancer care in Spanish hospitals

The cancer survival rate in Spain is almost 53% compared to 50% in the UK

Anti-stigma campaigns should include relatives, says Spanish researcher

Healthy news for Spain’s hospitals as waiting lists fall

Sniffing rosemary helped older adults to remember future tasks

Youngsters shouldn´t be forced to play sport at a young age

Some 200,000 people are now believed to be members

Gregory Johnston from Birmingham was rushed to the Hospital Regional Universitario Malaga after a freak fall onto a glass table cut the main artery and two nerves in his right arm

And surprisingly, that cosy cup of hot chocolate is one of the worst culprits

Consultus Care in the UK offer training in live-in carer courses

The agreement could not be implicated due to Spain's crippling political deadlock

Sue Rodgers on a time when one chest of sage was worth three chests of tea

An urgent appeal has been issued for spare pairs of glasses to be donated

EXCLUSIVE: Expat doctor accused of wrongly giving €26,500 cancer treatment to elderly member of the billionaire Swarovski clan, by Tom Powell

‘Making a meal of it’ really can hinder health

Women are being invited to record themselves

Pensioners are receiving the most intimate care from virtual strangers

Children with high levels of vitamin D are 10 per cent less likely to suffer from depression




A 21-year-old man has been arrested in Ibiza for alleged drug trafficking through the postal system. The suspect received a suspicious package that when tested...
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