Wednesday, January 26, 2022


British family in ‘living hell’ after sons horrendous accident on holiday at Benidorm resort

Family despair as young son could spend two months in hospital, as travel insurance refuse to fly him home after horrific accident

Latest COVID-19 case numbers and hospital admissions from the Costa Blanca area of Spain

HOSPITAL admissions for COVID-19 have crept up a little after this year's record low of 105 was announced yesterday. Today's figures(June 16) from the Valencian...

Cancer patients and pregnant women in Alicante’s Marina Alta comarca can receive rapid COVID-19 tests – details here

CANCER patients and pregnant women can receive free coronavirus tests thanks to a campaign launched by health activists in Alicante's Marina Alta comarca. The rapid...

Top tips to help relieve IBS pain

IRRITABLE bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic, relapsing and often life-long condition which affects over four million people in the UK. Whilst not technically...

British mother forcibly separated from baby after Spanish hospital claims it isn’t hers

EXCLUSIVE: British tourist forcibly separated from her baby after giving birth while on holiday in Spain

Helplines for elderly British expats in need of shopping, medicines or company during coronavirus lockdown in Spain’s Marina Alta

HELPLINES are available for elderly English-speaking expats in need of help during Spain's coronavirus lockdown. The numbers of volunteers, organised through charity Help of Denia and...

Spanish vaccine against Covid enters second phase of clinical trials

A VACCINE developed in Spain against Covid has entered the second phase of clinical trials involving 1,000 volunteers. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Monday,...

Judges endorse COVID-19 passports for all bars and restaurants in Costa Blanca area of Spain

THE Valencian Superior Court(TSJ) has approved a new list of indoor areas where a COVID passport will have to be used. The TSJ backed the...

Smoking bad for your pet’s health too

Do it for the dog

Military ready to intervene in Spain’s coronavirus crisis

THE Defense Ministry is ready to intervene in Spain's ongoing coronavirus crisis.  The military has revealed it is prepared to deploy and operate emergency health...

Junta calls for night curfew in Spain’s Marbella and Estepona—pending on authorisation by Andalucia’s High Court of Justice

THE Junta has requested curfew, between 2am and 7am in the morning, in the holiday hotspot towns of Marbella and Estepona. Following yesterday’s meeting by...

Kangen water is the latest health-fad to sweep the world

Swapping tap water for its alkaline equivalent, Rob Horgan goes in search of a new lease on life

COVID-19 cases fall on a week-to-week basis in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain

A fresh set of COVID-19 infection figures are tentatively suggesting a possible slowing down of new cases in the Valencian Community. Health ministry figures today(July...

ANALYSIS: What we know about COVID situation in Spain as infection rate soars

SPAIN is currently in the grip of what it calls the sixth wave and for the third time since the pandemic started the infection...

EXCLUSIVE: Two factories in Spain’s Andalucia recycle one million sanitary masks a day

A factory in Spain’s Cordoba, recycles 500,000 sanitary masks a day.

The ‘hotel of a million stars’ is the perfect holiday for detox and Spanish immersion courses

A slice of wilderness in the heart of Grazalema Natural Park

Italians ditch Med diet for fast food

Spaniards are remaining faithful to the Mediterranean diet when all around them appear to be jumping ship

Canine disease spreads to humans

Cases of leishmaniasis have increased from 15 in 2009 to 228 last month

People with depression in Spain 50% more likely to die

The most vulnerable group was found to be men between the ages of 18 and 64 years old

EU COVID-19 certificates will not be used soon for Costa Blanca hospitality and leisure businesses in Spain

VALENCIAN president, Ximo Puig, has temporarily side-lined his own region's suggestion that EU COVID-19 certificates could be used to get entry to leisure and...

Spanish nurses rushing home post Brexit

The NHS has started to look further afield

Flu EPIDEMIC to rock Andalucia next week as illness spreads through Spain

It is moving down through Spain and is already above average in the Balearics, Navarra, Catalunya and Melilla

Spain’s Andalucia postpones this week’s COVID-19 committee of experts meeting

THE Junta has delayed this week's meeting of the Advisory Council on High Impact Public Health Alerts (the so-called committee of experts). According to Jesus...

Fresh fish cuts cancer risk

New study has shown that eating it at least once a week reduced the risk of colon and rectal cancer

Cancer on the rise

The number of people with cancer is expected to grow in Spain by 30 per cent in the next 10 years

COVID-19 cases rise again but hospital admissions hold steady in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain

1,587 new coronavirus cases have been reported in the Valencian Community today(July 7) as the region is set to announce new restrictions tomorrow. The move...




New COVID-19 record but hospital admissions are much lower than 2021 numbers in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of...

A new pandemic record daily total of 39,585 cases was reported this Tuesday in the Valencian Community. Exactly a year ago, the total was 8,423. The...


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