Monday, 23 October, 2017

Tag: Cadiz

Google and Spanish government team up in illegal car hunt

A 17th century galleon named 'Andalucia' set off for Shanghai from Sevilla on Sunday

Fears grow as two of Andalucia's biggest cities shrink in size

The Spanish government has stepped in to help out battered beaches

The Olive Press is pleased to announce a new addition to its growing team of writers and bloggers. In "Schadenfreude", A.N.Maier will be issuing his scathing verdict on some, all, or possibly none of the stories published in the Olive Press newspaper

A man has been ordered to leave his house for being too loud

Two months or rain is affecting the livelihoods of Andalucia's bull rearers

British MP in Cadiz says more work needs to be done to uphold women’s rights

Rare photos published in fascinating new book

Record rainfall in Andalucia leaves reservoirs up 20 per cent on last year. Here, heavy rain in Jerez caused the River Guadalete to flood thousands of homes

EXCLUSIVE: British family reveal they are ‘lucky to be alive’ after spending night on motorway hard shoulder in sub-zero temperatures

Demonstration called to save El Palmar beach from mass development

Ancient technique endangered by new fishing quotas

Marbella launches Andalucia's first English-speaking university

Cadiz is set to come down hard on drug offenders

Huge demonstration planned in Chiclana

Hollywood duo are dropping in to shoot fast-paced film finale

From Arabic stronghold to Mecca to winsurfers, Tarifa offers a fabulous break all year round

With Jerez death hushed up, it is unclear how many people may have contracted the virus in Andalucia


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