Thursday, April 19, 2018
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An eye-popping recovery for Spanish bullfighter

Surgeons say Jerez bullfighter could fully recover after being gored in the face and nearly losing an eye

It’s bananas

Police have arrested four members of a gang in Madrid, Cadiz, and Murcia after seizing 450 kilos of cocaine hidden in plastic bananas in...

My Top 10 places to visit in Andalucía

Which are your top 10 places to visit in Andalucía?

Crew member of Spanish ferry which sank ‘may have been asleep’

Passengers issue denuncia after El Vaporcito sinks in seven minutes after hitting Reina Victoria quay

Two people arrested over animal trafficking in Spain

A Ronda man and the owner of a zoo in Cadiz province charged with trafficking protected species, fraud and issuing false documentation

Spanish summer beach ban U-turn

Shutting two beaches was a huge ‘error’ according to mayor

Spanish doctor drowns trying to save son

He died off Zahara de los Atunes as he tried to save the six-year-old being swept out to sea

Costa de la Luz mayors strike a blow for offshore wind farm projects

Costa de la Luz mayors oppose wind farm scheme

Celebrity chef Rick Stein’s Spain

Celebrity chef champions a number of eateries in Andalucia

Africa-Spain biosphere reserve promoted

The UNESCO site, established in 2006, covers parts of Malaga and Cadiz provinces

Spanish footsteps of the gods

JAMES BRYCE took a trip to Chiclana and Sancti Petri, where it is said that the Temple of Hercules once stood and Roman leaders Hannibal and Caesar took their hols

Contraception made easy in Spain

Multi-million selling new condom design was invented in Cadiz

Nurses wear the trousers in Spain

Court rules it is unconstitutional to force nurses at a private clinic in Cadiz to wear skirts but the clinic is still threatening disciplinary action

Cadiz father’s protective touch

Endearing exhibit of parental love goes on display 6,000 years on

Cadiz Karate Kids

Over 200 martial arts students took part in a giant karate dance in Cadiz province

Spanish Civil War communal graves located

Junta releases map of the 50,000 victims still awaiting a decent burial from Civil War

Search for Spain’s ‘lost babies of Franquismo’

Police have opened an investigation into the newborn babies who were lost in 1960s-70s across Spain

Huge drug crackdown

Policemen and lawyers arrested in a series of huge drugs crackdowns around Spain

Cruise ships to dock 70km inland

Sevilla courts cruise ships with ambitious river dredging project

Slippery slope for eel catchers

Eel fishing has been outlawed for the next decade to help the species survive

Daily Mail faces trouble over 10-year-old mum

The Spanish Attorney General hopes to prosecute the British daily newspaper for printing photos of the young parents

Malaga hotels making money

Marbella and Estepona have the most profitable hotels in Spain

The Pearls of Aphrodite

Andalucian firm first in Spain to produce white caviar

Left stranded

Ryanair pulls out of Jerez, just as airport expands

Trafalgar spirit recognised

Letter written by Admiral Nelson four days before his death off Cadiz fetches 40,000 euros at auction

Millionaire son nicked over polo club attack

The wealthy son of one of Spain’s largest construction companies has been arrested over a fight, which left an 18- year-old Algeciras lad needing full facial reconstruction.


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