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Flights between UK and EU and pet travel under threat in gloomy new ‘no deal Brexit’ notices from British...

FLIGHTS could cease between the UK and the EU while pet travel could see owners having to plan four months in advance in a...

GIVE US RESPECT: Theresa May talks tough after Brexit Chequers plan ‘rejected’ by EU leaders, promises to safeguard EU...

THERESA May has demanded respect in Brexit negotiations from EU leaders in a  statement from Downing Street today.  The British prime minister said the rejection...

No-deal Brexit could make pension payouts to British expats living in Spain ‘illegal’

The Association of British Insurers claims expats living in the EU ‘might find that they couldn’t be paid their pension'

NO WAY JOSE: British ministers to guarantee Gibraltar it cannot be excluded from Brexit deal by Spain

BRITISH ministers are set to guarantee Gibraltar that it will not be excluded from a Brexit deal by Spain.  The British Overseas Territory fears Madrid...

May warns of dissatisfaction over Brexit as she outlines initial EU trade plan

THERESA May has warned that ‘no-one will get everything they want’ out of Brexit. She maintained that the UK would leave the single market, customs...

UK seeks closer military ties with Spain post-Brexit

THE UK wants to secure military ties with Spain post-Brexit.  As part of a charm offensive on the continent, British officials in Spain have vowed...

EU leaders agree to next stage of Brexit negotiations in Brussels

The leaders also adopted a set of guidelines detailing a rough timetable for a transition period and a schedule of deadlines to ensure negotiations remain fluid.  

Conservative party rebels inflict embarrassing Brexit defeat on Theresa May

THERESA May suffered a major blow to her Brexit plans after pro-European Conservatives supported legislation giving parliament a full vote on any Brexit deal...

Brexit ‘breakthrough’ means phase two trade talks can now begin

The deal means there will be no 'hard border' in Northern Ireland and EU citizens in the UK, and UK citizens in the EU, will see their rights protected and a financial settlement to cover existing debts has been agreed, thought to be in the ballpark of £50 billion, though no official figure has been released. 

Spanish PM visits London for talks with Theresa May amid Brexit stalemate

"I am absolutely convinced that, as soon as possible, we will get into the second phase of Brexit negotiations," Rajoy said in a meeting with May in London.  

BROKEN BRITAIN: London, Scotland and Wales demand single market access after Theresa May’s rumoured Northern Ireland concession

LONDON, Scotland and Wales have all demanded the same Brexit deal purportedly being offered to Northern Ireland.  As Theresa May meets with chief EU negotiators...

UK Brexit divorce bill ‘honours its share of unpaid bills worth €50 billion’

There has been no final agreement on a final figure and senior officials think its share of unpaid bills, loans, pensions and other EU liabilities could total between €55bn to €60bn. 

Theresa May’s UK government will collapse in 2018 and trigger fresh election, predicts Morgan Stanley

THERESA May's Conservative government will collapse in 2018 and trigger a fresh election, a leading think tank has predicted.  According to Morgan Stanley, by next...

London Mayor Sadiq Khan hints at second Brexit referendum if MPs reject May’s deal

Failure to convince Westminster would throw up 'host of questions', says Khan

May or May not? That is the question

PRIME minister Theresa May has been asked the question by at least two interviewers (most recently on LBC, Iain Dale 10/10)...does she now back...

CLUELESS: Theresa May says she ‘doesn’t know’ what will happen to British expats in Spain if there’s no Brexit...

THERESA May has admitted 1.2 million Brits in the EU would be left in limbo after a Brexit no-deal. The UK prime minister said the...

Expat group Bremain in Spain blast Theresa May’s Florence Brexit speech

A group campaigning for the rights of British citizens in Spain, responds to Theresa May's Brexit speech that took place today in the historic city of Florence, Italy.

Pro-EU citizens’ rights campaigners to protest in Florence against Theresa May’s ‘Brexit freakshow’

May to offer two-year tranistional deal in landmark speech on UK's EU exit

SCAREDY-CATS: Irish MEP says UK not ‘brave enough’ to hold second EU referendum

AN Irish MEP has claimed the UK is 'not brave enough' to hold another referendum on membership to the EU. As rumours suggest Brexit negotiations...

Freedom of movement will end in 2019, says Theresa May

The Prime Minister has insisted that the free movement of people from the EU into Britain will end in 2019

Brexit could fall apart ‘like a chocolate orange’, says leading UK government watchdog

Morse’s worrying intervention comes as the National Audit Office said there was 'very little flexibility' in plans for a new customs system

Theresa May will miss Prime Minister’s Questions to welcome King and Queen of Spain tomorrow

Spain is a hugely important negotiating partner in the ongoing Brexit negotiations

ROYAL UPSET: Tory MPs in UK threaten walk-out of King of Spain’s state address if he mentions Gibraltar

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain will visit the Queen Elizabeth and Theresa May next week

British campaigners in Spain blast Theresa May on Brexit citizen rights proposals

Brits living in EU shouldn't be 'sacrificial lambs', say campaigners

Theresa May says British expats will receive healthcare cover, disability benefits and vows to continue pension uprating post-Brexit

She also said the UK wants to continue to participate in the European Health Insurance Card scheme

BREAKING: UK’s Conservatives agree pact with DUP to support Theresa May government

It comes after two weeks of talks in the wake of the shock hung parliament


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