Thursday, February 25, 2021

All the fun of the fair despite COVID-19 on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE Alicante Christmas Fair is scheduled to start today(December 19) in one of the biggest funfair attractions on the Costa Blanca.

Police presence increasing by 50% in hospitality and shopping centres from today in Spain’s Valencia region

THE VALENCIA regional government has met with health authorities to agree that security measures in public places must be increased from today.

Michelin Star 2021 winners revealed in Spain as restaurants in Murcia, Valencia and Alicante awarded for first time

THE 2021 winners of the prestigious Michelin Star have been revealed for Spain and Portugal in a virtual event held last night.

Alicante police agent refuses to wear a mask on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A PROBE has been launched into an Alicante Policia Local agent who refuses to wear a mask while he is on duty.

Sophisticated jewel robbery gang used glue markers to identify empty homes in Spain’s Costa Blanca

COSTA BLANCA jewel robbers used stringed glue to mark the front doors of suitable targets where the home owners had gone out...

Plastic pollution in world’s oceans inspires unique display in Spain’s Costa Blanca

A 'floating island' sculpture consisting of 3,612 plastic bottles is on display in Alicante to highlight the problems of environmental pollution in...

Alicante mayor demands answers over ‘illegal’ immigrants flying into Spain’s Costa Blanca from the Canary Islands

ALICANTE'S mayor, Luis Barcala, wants answers from the Madrid government over illegal immigrants flying to the area from the Canary Islands, amidst...

British marijuana farmer gets third drugs arrest for running indoor plantation on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A BRITISH man has been arrested for the third time in three years for running an indoor Costa Blanca marijuana farm.

Knife-wielding man arrested for two sex assaults within 30 minutes in Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE Policia Nacional have arrested a 20-year-old man in Alicante after two women were sexually assaulted at knife-point. The...

Fraud quiz starts into contract for COVID-19 emergency hospitals in Spain’s Valencian Community

INVESTIGATORS are probing the way a contract was handed out this year to run three emergency field hospitals in the Valencian Community.

Thief tracks cash-laden targets ahead of supermarket car park snatch on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A COUPLE were robbed of €22,000 in a Mutxamel supermarket car park with the thief trying to run over one of them...

East European-led gun-running racket busted as ringleader is arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN ARMS trafficking gang that shipped in weapons from Eastern Europe to sell to Spanish criminals has been busted by the Guardia...

Top maritime equipment maker plumps for expansion on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ONE of the world's biggest nautical electronics firms will move its global marketing and digital transformation base to the Costa Blanca.

Spanish Compliant Investment Bonds, QROPs, SIPPs – do you really know what they’re costing you?

John (I’ve changed his name for the sake of this article) wanted a second opinion on an investment plan he had set...

Alicante’s nativity scene gets world recognition on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ALICANTE has grabbed two world records after it built the tallest-ever nativity scene as well as it being the largest in area.

High-speed low-cost trains being tested throughout Spain’s Costa Blanca

SPAIN’S high-speed electric train, the 'Avlo', is currently undergoing tests throughout the Costa Blanca. NEW ROLLING STOCK: Low...

Sex gang enslaved 14 women as prostitutes in Spain’s Costa Blanca and Murcia areas

20 members of a sex exploitation gang that enslaved 14 women have been arrested by the Policia Nacional. Nine...

Have you spoken to your financial adviser lately?

Since the referendum in June 2016, the headlines have been dominated by Brexit. Right from those early days of disbelief, to the...

Ryanair bucks travel trend with new UK-Spain routes launched next year

BUDGET airline Ryanair has announced that it will be introducing new routes between Spain and the UK in 2021.

Police net 43 arrests in ongoing operation to smash big drugs ring on Spain’s Costa Blanca

43 people have been arrested in a phased operation to bring down a major drugs trafficking gang in Alicante and San Vicente...

Thousands of kilos of rubbish removed from hoarder’s home on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ALICANTE council has removed over 6,000 kilos of rubbish from a woman's apartment. Neighbours complained about the health risks...

Husband slashes wife’s face with blade after she calls time on their marriage on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN ALICANTE woman had her face slashed by a razor blade after telling her husband that their marriage was over.

Hotels are selling long-term cheap stays to fill empty rooms on Spain’s Costa Blanca

HOTELS on the Costa Blanca are offering cheap long term rental deals to try to fill up their empty rooms.

Agitated man tries to flee in police car as he runs over two agents in Spain’s Costa Blanca

A man tried to drive off in an Alicante police car which he reversed into two agents before it ended up in...

Are you a ‘Swallow’ or do you actually ‘live’ in Spain? What does Brexit mean for you from January...

The term ‘Swallow’ is used to describe a certain type of Brit we find here in Spain. I first heard it used...

Smell leads to downfall of international drugs gang exporting to Switzerland from Spain’s Costa Blanca

A STENCH of marijuana wafting out of an Alicante area warehouse has led to the downfall of a major drugs supply line...