Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Nutty news in Spain

Just one ounce a day is enough to improve health and mood

How to save a life

Almost 60 per cent of people who witness a heart attack are unable to help the victim because they do not know basic CPR

Rise of the slouch potato in Spain

The ‘snail effect’ - or carrying heavy bags around - is causing spine problems in children

No travel insurance for 20 per cent of British holidaymakers

One in five travellers wrongly believe they do not need travel insurance, despite Spain being one of the costliest places for claims

Possible breakthrough following Spanish HIV trials

Researchers report a 90 per cent immune response to vaccine designed to combat AIDS virus

Patients refused healthcare in certain Spanish regions

Tourists in Catalonia and Valencia are refused prescriptions and can only see a specialist in emergencies

Dowsed in mystery

Why the elusive art of dowsing can help you strike oil and be good for your health

Sun worshippers in Spain spoofed to ‘rays’ awareness

Spoof ‘miracle’ tanning cream marketed by skin care charity

Expat with brain haemorrhage left waiting 13 months for benefits

Mark Cook claims he has been abandoned by social services and left struggling to survive

Two rashers equals diabetes Type 2?

‘Making a meal of it’ really can hinder health

First permanent artificial heart to beat in Spain

A series of health problems prevented Pedro Garcia from undergoing a regular heart transplant

Grandparents are best

Children are safer being driven by their grandparents than by mum and dad

Holidaymakers misled into paying for free EHIC health cards

Unofficial websites are charging unwitting consumers up to 23 euros for the cards

When in Spain… slip, slap, slop

Experts warn sun worshippers to slap on the sun cream

Spanish surgeons perform world’s first double leg transplant

Pioneering 14-hour procedure performed on accident victim whose legs were amputated above the knee

Quit smoking AND stay slim

Scientists have discovered why many smokers put on weight when they try to quit the habit

Spain tops energy drinks market as it emerges they ‘can make children pile on pounds´

The drinks can also cause seizures, diabetes and heart problems

What every man thinks about apart from sex?

The Oxford University graduate has compiled a 200-page book on the topic in which every page is completely blank.

Skin cancer rates in Spain rise alarmingly

Victims appear to be getting younger, with those in their late twenties the most affected group

Spanish doctor can refuse patients’ abortions

Pro-life doctor in Antequera allowed to refuse referring patients for abortions

Liver-dwelling parasite infects 400 in Spain

Type of liver fluke is usually only found in more deprived countries

Critical cancer delay

EXCLUSIVE Woman suing private clinic which failed to spot an 8cm tumour. By James Bryce

Wannabe dads should enjoy the sun

New studies show sunshine is good for sperm

Love your love handles

With the holiday season just around the corner you should be proud to show off your spare tyre

Organic food is good for you

Spain is the ninth biggest organic food producer in the world, but it is near the bottom for consumption

Domino kidney transplant helps put Spain on health map

First kidney ‘domino’ transplant in Spain secures the nation’s place as world leader in organ transplants




‘Black Widow’ gets extra jail time for killing new husband in a carpark on Spain’s Costa Blanca

VALENCIA'S Supreme Court has extended a long prison sentence for a woman who murdered her husband of two weeks in an Alicante area car...


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