Tough COVID-19 home clampdown and weekend city border closures introduced in Spain’s Valencian Community

NEW moves to limit social contact are being introduced today(January 25) across the Valencian Community to try to stem the large rise...

Marina d’Or in trouble

The company’s most recent public audit in 2018 revealed a deficit of €111 million

Prison for Castellon man who refused to wear a facemask

The authorities insist that facemasks are obligatory by law over the age of six years old in open and enclosed spaces throughout the country

IT’S A DOG’S LIFE: Animal welfare experts in Valencia warn that leaving pets out in the cold can lead...

LEAVING pets outside in extreme weather conditions is a crime punishable with prison, animal welfare societies in Valencia are warning.

The Great Wall of Castellon

Work began 20 years ago, and the wall currently measures two kilometres long by up to 2.5 metres high at some points.

Police officer in Valencia’s Castellon busted for drink-driving and escaping from his colleagues

A LOCAL police officer from Castellon city has been arrested for allegedly driving while over the limit and escaping a breathalyser test...

Valencian government to pass new law regulating holiday lets

The decree is aimed at regulating the tourism accommodation market and weeding out illegal practices.

Snow forces school closures as Valencia’s Castellon Province is put on orange alert

THE storm known as Filomena that is currently sweeping Spain landed in Castellon Province today (Thursday January 7), forcing several schools to...

BABIES WANTED: 73 towns and villages in Spain’s Valencia region register no births over a whole year

THAT natality rates in Spain have been dropping alarmingly over the last few years is no longer a secret.

BRRR! Winter lands with a bang in Spain’s Valencia region

Today (January 2), the mercury was expected to continue falling throughout the region

HAPPY END OF YEAR: New Year’s Eve afternoon parties in Valencia go off without a hitch

The terraces of bars and restaurants throughout the region welcomed similar numbers of customers as any other afternoon or evening so far since the end of lockdown

Countryside holiday homes all booked up for New Year’s Eve in Valencia’s Castellon

Eight out of every 10 'casas rurales' throughout the province are fully booked for tomorrow

DARLING BUDS OF NAY: Valencia region heads ranking of abandoned farmland in Spain

There are currently 162,902 hectares of crops standing empty and unused

Man with links to Daesh arrested in Valencia’s Castellon after threatening passers-by with a large machete

A search of his home revealed many electronic devices that are being analysed by anti-terrorist experts.

GOING GREEN: Valencia region to pass law forcing shops to sell and collect reusable drinks containers

By the end of 2023, at least 10% of cans and bottles on sale at stores must be apt for their reintroduction into circulation

Minors kidnap and torture Castellon man in his own home while streaming the ordeal on Instagram

It appears that the motive for the assault was robbery

IT’S RAINING MILLIONS: Spain’s El Gordo Christmas lottery floods the Valencian Community with joy – and lots of cash

The Christmas El Gordo lottery left €43.7 million in the La Safor district capital on Tuesday

Young man murders mother in Valencia’s Castellon

The same witnesses added that the alleged killer grew up in a ‘violent household’.

Campsite fire victim taken by helicopter to Valencia hospital in critical condition

A WORKER has been severely injured in a kitchen fire at Papa del Mar campsite between Benicarlo and Peñiscola (Castellon).

First death reported of pregnant woman with COVID-19 in Spain’s Valencian Community

A 40-year-old Villarreal woman has become the first pregnant victim of COVID-19 in the Valencian Community. She passed away...