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Earthquake rumbles Andalucia’s coast near new fault line which could cause killer quakes in Spain

The Andalucian scientists believe the new fault zone was the cause of a 2004 quake which killed more than 600 people with a magnitude of more than 6.3 in Al Hoceima, north Morocco

Costa Blanca awakens to earthquake with 3.1 magnitude ‘shaking ground beneath the house’

TORREVIEJA and surrounding areas were awoken early this morning by an earthquake that rattled windows right across the southern areas of Costa Blanca. The quake...

Earthquake rumbles Spain’s Costa del Sol

A SMALL earthquake has rumbled the Costa del Sol. The 1.6 magnitude tremor was registered at 05:30am on Tuesday at a depth of 84 metres. The...

Seismologists reveal there were THREE earthquakes in just two hours in Spain’s Andalucia last night

THREE earthquakes were recorded in the space of just two hours last night in areas of Malaga and Axarquia. As reported by the Olive Press...

Earthquake rumbles Spain’s Andalucia

A SMALL earthquake has struck Andalucia. The epicentre of the seismic event was in the tiny town of Iznalloz, 35 kilometres north of Granada. The quake...

Magnitude 3.3 earthquake rumbles inland Andalucia and Spain’s Costa del Sol

In the subsequent hour and a half, three minor aftershocks were recorded

The Gulf of Valencia records a 3.7 magnitude earthquake

The earthquake was recorded at 5:42am this morning

Spain’s Costa del Sol registers a 4.2 magnitude earthquake

A 4.2 MAGNITUDE earthquake has been registered near the Costa del Sol.

Earthquake rocks epicentre of Granada town in Spain’s Andalucia

At 9:46am it struck the Granada town.

DID YOU FEEL IT? 3.5 magnitude earthquake shakes Spain’s Andalucia early this morning

Spain's National Geographic Institute (IGN) provided the data on the tremor

DID YOU FEEL IT? Earthquake rumbles along Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN earthquake has hit a popular holiday destination on the Costa Blanca, rattling residents’ windows and houses from Cartagena to Benidorm. The magnitude 4.0 earthquake...

Residents feel shaking as FOUR earthquakes rock Malaga

Although only measuring between 1.7 and 2.1 on the Richter scale, residents felt shaking due to the epicenter being close to the surface

DID YOU FEEL IT? Spain’s Andalucia shaken by 3.6 magnitude earthquake

Earthquakes in the province are fairly common and are usually not above magnitude 4

Spain holiday hotspot in Canary Islands rocked by earthquake

The epicentre was confirmed by the National Geographic Institute as being 5km below the surface

Earthquake rocks residents in Spain’s Andalucia

Measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale, the tremor prompted numerous calls to the 112 Andalucia Emergency Services

Spain rocked by earthquake as 2 million feel houses ‘shaking’

The 'strong' 3.7 magnitude quake affected mostly residents in Galicia

Earthquake registered off the coast of Costa del Sol hotspot

AN earthquake has been registered off the Costa del Sol today.  The quake, measuring 3.4 on the Richter Scale, was recorded at 1.12pm, according to...

Southern Spain may face ‘deadly’ earthquakes as Andalucia scientists discover new tectonic fault lines

Andalucian scientists believe the new fault zone was the cause of a 2004 quake which killed more than 600 people

School evacuated as earthquake in Gaucin is felt in Malaga and Cadiz

The quake was felt in Gaucin, Ronda and parts of Cadiz

Spain’s Andalucia rocked by 14 earthquakes in just three hours as residents report tremors

SOME 14 earthquakes have rocked Andalucia in just three hours this morning.  All of the quakes occured in Granada between 5.36am and 8.43am. Residents called the...

Deep underwater earthquake strikes off the coast of southern Spain

AN earthquake measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale rocked the coast of southern Spain late on Wednesday night.  Its epicentre was off the coast in...

Earthquake shakes Andalucia hotspot in Spain

AN Andalucia hotspot was shaken by an earthquake last night. The 3.0 magnitude quake hit Granada at around 9.22pm and may have been felt by...

Earthquake rocks Costa del Sol and is the region’s FOURTH tremor in four days

AN earthquake was detected off the coast of Malaga this morning.  The tremor occured at 8.27am and measured at 3.4 in the Richter scale, according...

Earthquake strikes southern Spain as residents feel ground shake

AN earthquake rocked southern Spain earlier this afternoon.  According to, a 3.3 magnitude quake hit the region of Murcia at 1.21pm. The epicentre is reported...

Earthquakes hit Costa del Sol and Cordoba this morning

ANDALUCIA has experienced three earthquakes this morning. According to the National Geographic Institute, the biggest was in Baena in Cordoba, which had a magnitude of...

Four earthquakes in 48 hours in Gulf of Cadiz

AN earthquake of magnitude 2.6 on the Richter scale has been recorded in the Gulf of Cadiz this morning.  The quake struck at 12.10am but...




Giant German Hell’s Angel boss accused of running operations in Mallorca acquitted on all charged

AN infamous German Hell’s Angels boss has been acquitted on all charges of organised crime and drug trafficking between 2009 and 2013 after his...


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