Friday, 15 December, 2017


A lawyer has been accused of covering up the whereabouts of the body of missing Marta del Castillo

The Malaga-born actor says his hometown is always on his mind

PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez came under fire at an anniversary celebration in Sevilla

Cast and crew have happily been interacting with fans while the series' production secrets are kept under lock and key

While Miss Colombia claimed the top prize

President Abu Zahar has urged Malays to financially support the project

The Olive Press investigates the mysterious religious cult where dictator Franco is a saint – where women cannot wear trousers - and which has a Berlin Wall built around it

A Brit is attempting to discover more about his great uncle who lived in Sevilla but remains a mystery...

An 18 month old baby among those treated after enduring extreme temperatures

Tourism stats in Sevilla and Osuna increase following Game of Thrones filming

Police make arrests after a vengeance crime took the life of a young girl

HBO have praised the support the production team have received from government authorities while Sevilla will have guided tours of filming locations

But with true Christmas spirit he went in search of the rightful owner

The Pelli Tower does not threaten the city's World Heritage status, apparently

Sevilla, Marbella and Malaga were all among TripAdvisor's top destinations

Exclusive by Jon Clarke. WARNING: The video contains scenes some readers may find distressing

The immensely popular fantasy series will use various Andalucian locations for the Kingdom of Dorne, producers have confirmed

Pantoja helped former Marbella mayor Julian Munoz launder money acquired during his time as mayor

Staff refused to take the hold-up seriously

The university building is being demolished and will be gone by the end of September

The much-loved Spanish aristocrat held an estimated €3.75 billion fortune

Researchers believe life could exist on Mars under similar circumstances

Pantoja is the last of a complex love triangle to begin her sentence

'Sexist' views blamed on 'myths of romantic love' by new report

EXCLUSIVE: The Olive Press takes an objective look at the phenomenal success of TripAdvisor...with some surprising results

Three Iberian lynxes were found maimed and riddled with bullets




A 21-year-old man has been arrested in Ibiza for alleged drug trafficking through the postal system. The suspect received a suspicious package that when tested...
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