Wednesday, 26 July, 2017


Locating victims' graves will help 'close wounds', says Oscar-winning director

Campaigners welcome 'end of cruel spectacle' as Madrid vows to fight legislation

Villa located just outside Sant Llorenc des Cardassar

Bather grazed by shark as it swam past, but some swimmers ignored red-flag warning

Passenger slams lack of safety measures after death of Etienne Hampton

Discounted dea offers winter and summer periods of stay

Authorities must ensure plastic mess on Palma’s shores is cleaned up now

148,000 holidaymakers fly to or from easyJet's UK airports on almost 1,000 flights.

Top Manta brand to be sold on Catalan capital's streets

King Felipe to sail in prestigious Copa del Rey, which starts from next week

Blood and Tissue Bank Foundation said only 385 bags in bank when minimum is 700

Multi-millionaire DJ took sexy Snapchat videos before club appearances

Films screened next to cathedral from 10pm over coming weeks

But new scam website, Mallorca, snares fresh victims

Stunning village is perfect for those wishing for a more country way of life

Campaigners held out on Dragonera to protest against development plans

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier warns of 'fundamental divergence' between EU and UK

Average price of a cana beer is €2.25 in Palma de Mallorca

Welsh legend opens fifth consecutive edition of festival at port

Six bars face closure after notices served on Punta Ballena premises

Self-confessed 'partier' Kelly texted his girlfriend to let her know that he was hurtling towards Cardiff Airport

Balearic government issues ultimatum over molten rubbish washing up on beaches

Ex-banker found dead in Cordoba finca was one of 63 sentenced in tarjeta negra scandal

'This is a priority', says port authority chief Joan Gual

Regulation gives town halls 12 months to decide where new rental space is to be permitted


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