Thursday, March 22, 2018

The banks are to blame

Lawyer Antonio Flores looks at why property buyers are the last in line to get their money back when things go wrong

What happens when banks stop lending?

Richard Alexander on why savers should consider tax wrapped investments

Spanish house price fall

Spanish property market suffers largest fall since records began

Myth-busting: Inheritance tax

In the first of two parts Mark Roach, tax consultant and company director from Wincham International dispels some common misconceptions about property succession

Agony Ant: Your legal problems addressed

Antonio answers questions about illegal house extensions and closing down limited companies

New deficit target for Spain

Spanish Government ordered to make 'additional effort' to cut deficit for 2012

Spectrum hosts free financial advice seminar

An event on March 27 will provide a wide range of financial advice

You wouldn’t sell it to your mother! The problem of rogue IFAs in Spain

As the EU investigates ways of helping expat victims report unregistered financial advisors, James Bryce swims with the financial sharks to look at the problem of rogue IFAs operating in Spain

Railing to go

A one billion euro rail scheme set for May 2012 will lead to millions more containers of freight passing through Andalucia

Justice for superjudge

He might be brave, bright and innovative, but that does not mean Baltasar Garzon is above the law, writes Antonio Flores

Clampdown on finance rogues in Spain

EU to investigate unregulated financial advisors defrauding expats in Spain

Spain ‘very likely’ to be punished for delaying austerity measures

Rajoy is likely to be sanctioned by the EU for announcing the new budget AFTER March's regional elections

Santander bank under fire again

The Spanish bank came third in a UK poll for worst customer service

Agony Ant: Your legal problems addressed

Let Antonio answer your legal queries

Spanish court will not investigate equity release scam

Twenty expats filed claims against Scandinavian banks

British pensioner taking a punt in Spain

Enterprising Trevor Dine, 81, has just opened a casino in San Roque

Thousands left stranded after Spanair goes bust

Spanish airline now faces nine million euro fine after government launches legal action

Spain calls for eurozone rescue fund boost

Foreign minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo has backed calls for Europe’s rescue fund to be boosted to one trillion euros

IMF foresees two more years of recession in Spain

The budget deficit is predicted to be 6.8 per cent this year - although Rajoy sees things more positively

Google Apps for BBVA

The Spanish bank is shifting from Microsoft to Google Apps

Spain’s credit rating downgraded

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor downgrade rating on Spain's debt from AA- to A

Expats in Spain could face benefit cuts

Government plans to reassess Brits who claim benefits abroad

Spain’s rich are getting richer

Wealth divide in Spain is now bigger than the UK

Rajoy announces €8.9 billion of cuts and tax increases

Rajoy announces his first set of measures to address a predicted eight per cent budget deficit for 2011

Back into recession for Spain

New finance minister believes the final quarter of the year will show a negative growth of 0.3 per cent

Europe to follow UK in banning ‘rip off’ credit card fees

Airlines hit as Europe follows the UK to ban the unpopular charges


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