Tuesday, June 19, 2018

If it sounds too good to be true…

Financial adviser Richard Alexander looks at the risks of 'guaranteed' returns

Calm before the storm

In his monthly column, Keith Spitalnick looks at some of the ways expats can protect their pensions against fluctuations in the value of sterling and the euro

Agony Ant – Following the paper trail

Antonio Flores looks at the various ways secretive property owners attempt to hide their real identity

Expats in Spain to benefit from winter fuel payment following EU ruling

A ‘genuine and sufficient link to the UK’ will now be enough for thousands of British pensioners to claim payment

Road to riches: how low can you go

Richard Alexander examines whether interest rates will fall any further and, if so, what that means for investors

Spain’s small businesses feel the brunt of the recession

A staggering 80% of companies in Andalucia are suffering

Spain’s white elephants in the room

Rund Abdelfatah looks at the overzealous spending and ill-chosen investments of the boom years that have left Spain on the brink of collapse

Olympic size debt

Introducing a new monthly currency column, Keith Spitalnick looks at the inconsistencies in financial reporting and whether the Olympics are really worth their weight in gold…

Spain loses €240 billion in tax evasion

Nearly 25 percent of financial transactions occur off the record

Spain’s biggest battle since Franco

Analysis by James Bryce

Agony Ant asks Spanish bank customers: Will your deposits be safe?

Antonio addresses the growing uncertainty that customers face in their transactions with struggling banks

Has the world gone mad?

Finance guru Richard Alexander offers sound planning advice in times of banking turmoil

Tax warning for expats in Spain

Brits could be subject to certain hidden taxes which must be declared by November 30

Cash no longer king for Spanish companies

Government gives green light to law banning companies making cash payments of over €2,500

Spain’s not working (or is it?)

With a quarter of all business ‘in the black’ and many working while claiming dole, Wendy Williams takes a closer look at the real job situation in Spain and why the official employment figures may be hiding the truth

Expats launch action group after being ‘ripped off’ by Spanish-based financial services company

Dozens of victims claim to have been mis-sold by David Driver

‘Junk’ status as Spain asks for bailout

Ratings agency Moody’s took the action against lenders including Santander

Spain will need bailout of between €51-62 billion, according to official audit

Figures announced just days after world leaders urge Rajoy to seek formal rescue package

British expat faced with property embargo in Spain following bank dispute

Expat is fighting an embargo by German bank Sparkasse, which claims to be owed money by the previous owner

British homeowners win landmark ruling against CAM in Spain

Cam Bank has been ordered to return down payments for unbuilt homes

What happens when you follow bad advice?

Antonio Flores looks at what happened to the private investors caught up in the Lehman Brothers collapse and why some were more successful than others in pursuing their claims…

What will the baby-boomers do?

As the number of people in retirement outnumbers the working population, Richard Alexander considers where their pensions will come from…

Spain’s borrowing costs hit record high

Fears over full blown bailout increase as Moody's slashes the country's credit rating to just above 'junk' status

Spanish bailout no more than a sticking plaster

€100 billion bailout of Spain banks dismissed as a temporary solution

Spain to request €60 billion bailout on Saturday

Set to become the fourth eurozone country to require financial rescue package

An income for life?

Some important things to be aware of when considering buying a pension annuity


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