Sunday, 22 January, 2017


The shock findings were made by the Estudio Enalia, which concluded that the high levels were provoked by overconsumption of animal and processed products

Scientists gathered dietary information for 401 70 year olds

A look back at one of the most dramatic years in memory

A report said Brits have been driven to the work by a crippling downturn in the Spanish economy

When it comes to partying the British and Spanish are neck and neck, or should that be nose to nose?

Depending on pollution levels, the decision will be revised daily

Experts cite the country's healthy Mediterranean diet

Pensioners are receiving the most intimate care from virtual strangers

Spain now has one of the highest resistance to antibiotics

Experts believe the numbers infected will increase

The store was formed in 1870 and has more than 110 branches in the UK

Doctors had told him there was nothing more they could do

PENSIONERS have revealed their fears about losing their access to free Spanish healthcare. Some of those who have retired to Andalucia now think they may...

Junta health chiefs yesterday met José María García Urbano, Estepona's mayor, to sign an agreement to allow works on the 17 million state of the art centre to begin in the town

A report by the Andalucian Firefighter’s Union has slammed the town hall

The traffic arm of the Guardia Civil have intensified controls

She was diagnosed with electromagnetic sensitivity four years ago

She has been left with stomach and voice box injuries

Oscar Jurado Ruiz’s €150, 000 study hopes to genetically manipulate the virus so that it is no longer a pathogen, which would make it easier to suppress in an individual

Although residents have welcomed the news of the planned opening, a row has erupted over the hospital's name

He said that many of his neighbours had recognised him on the packets

Each doctor is seeing 700 more people than recommended by the Andalucian Health Service

Restaurants and bars will be required to offer healthy menus

The insurance firm covers 175,000 expats

She is described as not looking her age


Iberostar has invested ‘several million euros’ in its Malaga Playa resort in Torrox Costa, the largest complex between Malaga and Motril


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