Saturday, 23 September, 2017


New health columnist Dr Nina King from Marbella's Oasis Dental Clinic gives us the low down on electric toothbrushes   ELECTRIC toothbrushes have been available for...

AN expat is demanding answers after thermal imaging of her breasts missed a life-threatening tumour. German Anke Werner, 53, claims the screening failed to...

A BRITISH expat has thanked the Olive Press for ‘saving his life’ after he was prescribed the lethal painkiller Nolotil. Trevor Naylor, a 77-year-old retired...

WOULD you want to live well into your 120s? That could become a reality thanks to the world’s first anti-ageing drug, which is being trialled...

Whole body movement after an injury or illness is the key to long-term recovery

RODRIGO Alves has revealed his plans for gastric bypass surgery after putting on three stone. The Marbella-based TV personality, known as the 'Human Ken...

It's been cited as the worst to hit Europe since 2003

The drug seems to mostly affect people of fair skin, from the likes of the UK and Scandinavia, by poisoning their bone marrow and destroying their white blood cells

POLICE have discovered the bodies of two expats in their Costa del Sol home.  The bodies of a 71-year-old man and 80-year-old woman, husband and...

In men, symptoms include pain while urinating and a yellow/green discharge

One in 10 said they had told their child to take their top off in the sun to avoid getting tan lines

THERE are many who claim they are like catnip to mosquitoes, and they could be right.  Health experts believe the blood-sucking insects do prefer certain...

The likes of vodka and gin have much lower histamine levels

The event examined how we treat mental health

The NHS is already struggling with nurse vacancies

The UK government currently pays €575 million a year for healthcare provided to some 190,000 British pensioners living in the EU

Benalmadena Hospital claims to be carrying out 2,000 more operations than three years ago

The study suggests in terms of time Andalucia lost nine years in GDP

Consumers have been affected in Malaga, Cordoba, Granada, Jaen and Sevilla

Serena Chappell, 11, needs blood-type-O-negative transfusion to battle leukaemia

It took a year of treatment before he could even put a shoe back on

UTEOgensa-Helopav has been awarded the construction for the project

Consuming two pints of beer can cut discomfort by a quarter

Medical staff from the clinic successfully treated 45 patients and carried out surgery on 25.


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