Tuesday, 12 December, 2017


The study suggests in terms of time Andalucia lost nine years in GDP

Spain scored an impressive 90 out of 100

Consumers have been affected in Malaga, Cordoba, Granada, Jaen and Sevilla

Serena Chappell, 11, needs blood-type-O-negative transfusion to battle leukaemia

It took a year of treatment before he could even put a shoe back on

UTEOgensa-Helopav has been awarded the construction for the project

Consuming two pints of beer can cut discomfort by a quarter

Medical staff from the clinic successfully treated 45 patients and carried out surgery on 25.

She was too large to be taken down the stairs on a stretcher or out of the windows

Gregory Johnston from Birmingham was rushed to the Hospital Regional Universitario Malaga after a freak fall onto a glass table cut the main artery and two nerves in his right arm

Pregnant women facing economic problems visit the shelter for help with basic needs and healthcare

A Spanish woman has become the oldest in Europe after the death of 117-year-old Italian Emma Morana

The OP’s Laurence Dollimore survives on a vegan diet for a week ... almost

“If there is something good that came from all of this, it is that I suddenly stopped smoking, without needing pills or anything like that. It’s over!” said Banderas, 56

Many in the 10,000-strong crowd can be heard screaming

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon in the Durcal area

Becky Baker passed away at only 32, but her tireless campaign to help other sufferers of cystic fibrosis continues

It has been said that consuming fish, seafood, poultry, cereals, vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy and skimmed milk can improve sperm quality

The 74-year old sadly died of heart failure after spending two months in intensive care

The amputation of ears, claws, teeth or vocal chords is also banned

Alpujarras resident Colette Nolan, whose son Zebedee is 10-months-old, desperately needs to raise €100,000 to pay for innovative therapy at the ChemoThermia Oncology Centre in Istanbul

Fracking firms have been met with strong opposition from locals and regional authorities

Last November, Spain was fined €46.5m by the EU Commission due to a failure to ensure its plants were safely processing sewage

The family of British expat Becky Baker of Coin, who had the lung condition, has been left 'overwhelmed' by the volume of tributes to her they have received

The couple moved to Spain 15 years ago




PALMA street artists and performers will soon need a license to work in the capitol. Those who wish to to perform music or magic, or...
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