Friday, March 23, 2018

Spain’s rich are getting richer

Wealth divide in Spain is now bigger than the UK

British couple jailed for holiday scam

Pair cheated holidaymakers out of 130,000 euros in a villa rental scam

Property compulsory purchase orders in Spain

With the news of a new rail line possibly going through Ronda’s celebrated tourist valley, Antonio Flores looks at what happens when a compulsory purchase order – or the ‘Mugabe school’ of land distribution - falls on your home

The Dining Secrets of Andalucia

A brand new website is using an army of local critics to help foodies pinpoint the region's best places to eat

Iberia Airlines pilots strike once more

A total of 266 flights will be cancelled on January 9 and 11

On the right track?

With the threat of carving up Ronda’s key tourist valley, Wendy Williams looks at the reasons for the Mediterranean Corridor and asseses the impact it will have on tourism

Raise a sherry to a 200-year-old Charles Dickens

Jerez-based Jose Luis Jimenez has been invited to commemorate the author's birthday

2011: A year of changes

The Arab Spring, the death of Osama and new governments for Spain and Gibraltar. 2011 has been an eventful year, writes Wendy Williams

New nuclear waste dump sparks controversy in Spain

The dump will cost an estimated €700 million

Rajoy announces €8.9 billion of cuts and tax increases

Rajoy announces his first set of measures to address a predicted eight per cent budget deficit for 2011

Chokey choker

Spain's longest-serving prisoner is pardoned for the festive period and then sent back again due to mix up

Back into recession for Spain

New finance minister believes the final quarter of the year will show a negative growth of 0.3 per cent

Spanish properties sold to foreigners increase by 24.7%

Statistics from the Ministry of Public Transactions show property sales to foreigners in Spain experienced an increase of 24.7% in the third quarter of 2011 compared to the same period last year

Madonna song leak: Man arrested in Spain

A demo version of the track Give Me All Your Love surfaced on the internet last month

Europe to follow UK in banning ‘rip off’ credit card fees

Airlines hit as Europe follows the UK to ban the unpopular charges

No half measure for Sierra Nevada snowboarders

The Sierra Nevada is fast becoming one of Europe’s top resorts for snowboarding

Perfect potatoes – tips

The roast potatoes are almost everyone's favourite part of Christmas lunch

Junta to regulate thousands of illegal Andalucia properties

President Grinan said decree will 'probably' be passed on January 10

Vanishing almonds, but not in Spain

Almonds are a cook's best friend - but we appear to have forgotten

A taste of Navidad

Wendy Williams examines the differences between England and Spain when it comes to Christmas dining and gives some ideas...

Rescue plan for British expats in Spain

The British Foreign Office considers ways of evacuating expats if they are suddenly denied access to their funds

Cruelty-free foie gras in Spain

The world’s best foie is nearly ready, just in time for Christmas

Handing out hope in Spain

With Christmas approaching, James Bryce spends a night helping out on a soup run set up with an expat Englishwoman and local charity Caritas in La Linea

Mission Improbable in Spain

Duquesa de Alba appears to have fallen for a Hollywood star

Getting off the slippery slope in Spain

Wendy Williams meets a woman helping to fight an alarming creep of desertification using rosemary, lantana and ‘a lot of shrubbery’

Super stylee skiing in Spain

Olive Press editor Jon Clarke hangs out in southern Europe’s top skiing resort


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