Thursday, 29 June, 2017

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The population of British pensioners in Spain has also jumped 'notably'

One child had nappy sores from sitting in excrement for too long

British rail passengers spend six times more on train fares than their European counterparts

More than 2,000 people were ordered to leave the centre

The pair were surrounded by escorted by nine bodyguards

Rihanna's dark-haired companion couldn't stop smiling

It comes after a European arrest warrant was released for the 44-year-old man

The instructor was allegedly supposed to use the phrase 'don't jump' as a matter of protocol

One in 10 said they had told their child to take their top off in the sun to avoid getting tan lines

Driving in flip flops or letting the front seat passenger have their feet on the dashboard are among the no-nos

The green card is an internationally recognised document

She also said the UK wants to continue to participate in the European Health Insurance Card scheme

Rows and rows of trees in the UNESCO-protected Doñana National Park can be seen burnt out

The conditions on the islands were ripe for an uprising

Locals cowered in their homes in fear as the bull ran around the streets

SPAIN is to see an increase in alcohol and drug checkpoints on its roads this weekend. Checkpoints will be especially increased on conventional roads and roads with a high incident rate. The move comes as San...

Last year saw 6,726 migrants attempt to enter Spain by sea

Locations available range from Exmoor and the Cotswolds to Ibiza and Cyprus

He claims he was forced to leave La Linea by the ‘Costa del Sol drug mafia’

The man had an extremely dangerous profile, similar to that of those who carried out recent attacks in Britain and France

Temperatures in Cordoba and Sevilla reached 44C last week

The research revealed that one in ten British jollies to Europe involved setbacks like illness, injury, or loss of theft or property


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