Thursday, August 6, 2020

Spain ‘very likely’ to be punished for delaying austerity measures

Rajoy is likely to be sanctioned by the EU for announcing the new budget AFTER March's regional elections

Picasso’s Brit influence

Paintings by the Spanish artist on display alongside those of Brits he inspired, including David Hockney and Francis Bacon

Illegal homes to be regulated within three months, says Junta

Around 250,000 properties will benefit from the decree

Spanish village brings back peseta

Scheme aimed at boosting local economy with a third out of work

They’re ‘erasing Axarquia from the map’

Junta is withholding tourist grants while spending millions in Marbella

Taxing times in Gibraltar

Thousands of jobs could be at risk from new UK gaming laws

‘Tapas Seven’ to be questioned once more

It comes after Maddie probe detectives take four trips to Spain over last few months

Gibraltar police to boost Olympics security

Eight officers from the Gibraltar Defence Police will provide security for sailing event

Rafael Nadal slams ‘tiring’ French humour

The Canal Plus clips 'suggest' that Spanish sportsmen only win because of drugs

Garzon found guilty of phone tapping

Spanish 'superjudge' banned from practising for 11 years by Supreme Court

Judge Garzon facing prison

Prosecutors have requested a two to five year sentence or a 27,000 euro fine in the third case against the human rights judge

Unemployment to get even worse, says Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy has said the 23 per cent rate is likely to rise even further in 2012

Dangerous prescription-only drug available over the counter in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Controversial anti-smoking drug Champix is widely available over the counter, despite suicide risk

Spanish princess in the dock

Princess Cristina has been called to give evidence over allegations against husband Inaki Urdangarin

Nijar town hall joins with owners of Cortijo del Fraile to save farmhouse which inspired Lorca’s Blood Wedding

Mayor accuses Junta of 'showing no interest' and playing 'tricks' when it comes to saving the building

Taxing times for Gibraltar

New gaming tax could hit profits of gambling companies based on the Rock

Lithuanian throws mother from fourth floor balcony

The 53-year-old was killed by her son in Aguadulce, Almeria

Liposuction surgeon jailed in Malaga

The woman died of multiple organ failure after the surgeon accidentally perforated her intestine

The world’s unluckiest man

Spanish village celebrates hitting lottery jackpot... apart from the one resident who didn't buy a ticket

British minister’s Gib comments spark angry Spanish response

Jose Garcia-Margallo claims Britain's stance on sovereignty breaches agreements

PP scraps PSOE’s civic responsibility course in schools

The obligatory course, which encouraged discussion on homosexuality and racism, was introduced by PSOE in 2006

Gibraltar chief minister tells Spain to get its priorities straight

Fabian Picardo calls on neighbouring country to drop the sovereignty claim and become friends

‘I paid Roca three million euros for occupancy licences’ claims builder in Malaya case

Fidel San Roman makes shocking confession to the court and insists he was the victim of blackmail

Rafael Nadal suffers Djokovic jinx…again

Spaniard misses out on Australian Open title in longest ever final

Greenpeace slams Spanish coastal law reform plans

The environmental group has threatened to take legal action

A smashing deal in southern Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Expat slams printer to ground in a rage at Worten’s service