Friday, January 24, 2020

Zapatero’s cuts passed in knife-edge vote

Spain's drastic budget cuts get go ahead in the closest of decisions

It all began with a German!

How the ruthless efficiency of organic winemaker Federico Shatz made Ronda wines great again

Spain’s gold rush

It may not be full of gun slingers and wagon wheels, but the 21st Century gold rush is still turning Andalucia wild, writes Andrew Pearce

‘Godfather’ arrested in huge Spain raid

Record police operation sees more than 30 criminals arrested across Europe

Make or… break

Thinking about heading back to the UK for the sake of family, job prospects or good old home comforts? In the first of a two-part serialisation of Paul Allen’s book Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Tessa Norman weighs up the pros and cons of this big decision

Problems engulf Spain property company

Another branch of English football chairman's business to be wound up

Spain (almost) tops happiness charts

Study reveals that Spain is the second happiest country in Europe, behind Romania

The summer tipples that may make us sneeze in Andalucia

Enjoy nothing more than a relaxing evening beverage? Sadly, it may actually be a recipe for sneezing disaster this summer in Spain, writes Dr Suzanne Wildman Chard

Zapatero announces deep spending cuts for Spain

Job losses and wage cuts proposed as Spain bids to reduce its debt crisis

Malaga airport reopens after ash cloud disturbance

Costa del Sol airport now running but mixed news for Andalucia's other flight hubs

Help is at hand in Andalucia

An investigation into Andalucia’s care services by Sam Dale, discovers that expatriate charities can provide everything from translations to delivering shopping

Airports close in southern Spain

Icelandic ash cloud wreaks havoc once more in Spain

Gibraltar set to reveal all

The Rock’s days as a tax haven may soon be over after it began fiscal talks with Spain

‘Des Res’ since Roman times

Jon Clarke takes a trip into the geographical heartland of Andalucia

Spain crawls out of recession

After two years of decline, Spain's economy has expanded

Now the dust settles

The flights have landed but the battle has now begun for passenger refunds in Spain

Spanish star faces prison sentence

Singer Isabel Pantoja embroiled in Malaya corruption case

Hell-raisers watch out – It’s Woodstock part II

The sleepy village of Jimera de Libar is hosting a music festival that promises to kick off the party season in fine style

One in five now jobless in Spain

Figures confirm that unemployment in Spain has reached highest level for over a decade

F**ked translations

Fancy a dish of ‘hit to the plate’ or ‘clams to the sailor’s blouse'? In a gentle, humorous dig at our hosts, it seems that Spain is leading the way with gobbledygook, writes Tessa Norman

Smugglers’ train back on the run

It was once used by bandits and drug smugglers. Now, after a six-month upgrade, the Algeciras to Ronda line is about to reopen, reawakening memories of its turbulent past, writes Tessa Norman

Melanie slays her ‘beast’

The wife of Zorro reveals her 30-year battle against drink and drugs

Man threatens bouncer with sword

Local youth arrested in Málaga

Cherries that cost three euros a pop

A Catalonian farmer is causing a retail battle in Britain

Caught in the terminal

Long waits, but plenty of determination, discover Paul O’Connell and Jon Clarke at Malaga airport

Traffic pollution motors in Spain

Brussels' emissions targets set nine years ago set to be broken