The New Battle of Trafalgar

A new frontline is being drawn up along the Costa de la Luz, between developers and nature lovers

I aim to make the best wine in the World, says Andaluz winemaker

Geoff Garvey visits Cadiz bodega Huerta de Albala

World’s largest solar tower switches on

The World’s largest solar power tower went into use near Sevilla last week

Oh I do like to be beside the lakeside

Fancy somewhere different to lay down your towel this weekend? Is the Costa del Sol just too busy and the Costa de la Luz too windy?

British buyers trump Germans and Irish

British buyers accounted for 58 per cent of all European purchases of property in Spain last year

King of Sushi on the critical list

EU’s fishing industry on ‘brink of suicide’ as Bluefin tuna face extinction in just three years

If you are fat, don’t fly Ryanair

Not one to miss out on a big opportunity, Ryanair is thinking of charging obese passengers more to use their flights

Inland fraud

It is one of the most inaccessible towns in inland Malaga. But this didn't prevent Valle de Abdalajís from suffering the malaise of urban corruption

Malaga’s finest

A clever union between Malaga’s best wines and ten top-rated local artists has created a unique and very collectable addition to your wine cellar

Obesity is a threat to the planet

Researchers concluded that because food production is a major contributor to global warming, the more you eat, the greater the impact on climate change

The Eco Garden: Keep the garden pests at bay with beer and bird droppings

Don’t automatically reach for the chemical sprays, because there are plenty of ecological alternatives to ensure that you keep your garden safe for the family, pets and wildlife

Heaven’s Kitchen

Spain proves - once again - that its chefs are by far the best in the world

Africa en famille

Is it possible to cart your wife and kids across the Straits for a long weekend in Morocco? Luke Stewart gave it a go

Confederacy of Dunces

By Matthew Pritchard
What does the case of the Priors tell us about local government in Andalucia?

The Eco Garden: Get a Spring in your Step

Now that Spring is finally here it’s time to get in the garden. Here are our top tips for the month

A haunted house, visits from Ringo and a trademark Rolls-Royce:

the mystery of Lennon’s Strawberry Fields Forever trip to southern Spain

Don’t take the bait!

Greenpeace is taking on the Spanish supermarkets over their continuing sale of endangered fish

The Fourth Reich

With Hitler’s 120th birthday this week, the Olive Press looks at his legacy in Spain and investigates the comfortable existence his former henchmen enjoyed on the Costa del Sol

What your abogado may not have told you

In the first of an occasional series of articles on key issues affecting people in Andalucia, architect Liam Kellahar looks at dodgy lawyers and how to avoid them

A chilling summer

Craig Vincent gives a moving account on what he found while working in Malaga as a volunteer on what is probably Spain’s largest mass grave

Grand Cru Andaluz

Wine extravaganza will be an assault on the taste buds (as well as the wallet)

Sinking in a sea of sand

Climate change map shows Spain, France and Italy turned to desert in just 40 years.

Beat the Property minefield

Nick Snelling has written a book on how to sell your home in a recession.

‘Best bargain hotel in the World’ near Ronda

Hotel Molino del Santo, in Benaojan, has also been voted ‘Best Hidden Gem in Europe’ by the millions of customers who use the Trip Advisor website each year.

A green way to go

It may not be the final nail in the coffin for greenhouse gas emitting vehicles, but Granada has become the first city in Europe to use eco-friendly hearses.

Think yourself thin

Costa del Sol clinic claims to have found a cheap miracle cure for obesity. It’s all in the mind