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BREAKING: Hospitality workers and business owners protest outside regional government HQ in Valencia

AN estimated 200 employees and business owners within the hospitality sector are at this moment protesting outside the regional government headquarters in Valencia city. Angry...

Spain’s Malaga city could open bars and shops this weekend

MALAGA city could reopen its non-essential activity this weekend. Following the meeting held on Wednesday with the committee of experts, the Junta has given the...

People infected with British COVID-19 variant, on the rise in Spain, less likely to lose smell and taste study...

PEOPLE infected with the new coronavirus variant discovered in the UK are less likely to report a loss of taste and smell as part...

Shock for COVID death family in Spain when 85-year-old ‘victim’ turns up alive and well 10 days later

A GRIEVING husband who had been told his 85-year-old wife had died of COVID had the shock of his life when she turned up...

Spain’s Andalucia to announce closure of more municipalities today

A NEW list of municipalities in Spain’s Andalucian facing perimeter confinement and closure of all non-essential activities will be notified by the Junta today. The...

Spain’s Andalucia sets date for possible changes to COVID-19 Christmas plans

THE Junta is maintaining, for the time being, its Christmas deescalation plan, but new measures could be announced shortly. Although other Communities such as Aragon...

LISTED: 27 Andalucian municipalities which still exceed 500 Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants

27 MUNICIPALITIES in Andalucia are still considered ‘at very high risk’ as they continue to exceed 500 Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The numbers are,...

Vaccination against COVID-19 in Spain’s Andalucia to begin in January

THE Junta has announced that the vaccination programme against COVID-19 in Andalucia will begin in the New Year. The aim is for the majority of...

Spain’s Andalucia to approve €1,000 grants for small businesses and self-employed workers affected by recent COVID-19 restrictions

THE Junta is set to approve €1,000 grants for the self-employed and workers most affected by recent COVID-19 restrictions. The Andalucian government plans to give...

COVID cull threat for Gibraltar’s Barbary monkeys

GIBRALTAR’S famous Barbary macaques face a death sentence if efforts to protect them from COVID fail. The government has warned it might have to cull...

Spain’s Andalucia considering a return to lockdown amid surge of COVID-19 cases

ANDALUCIA is considering a return to home confinement if hospital pressure does not drop.Junta president, Juanma Moreno has said he doesn’t rule out lockdown...

Tetanus vaccine could be the solution to COVID-19 Spanish researcher reveals

A SPANISH doctor claims that the triple vaccine given to young children could be the reason why youngsters are not badly affected by COVID-19. Dr....

Spain’s Malaga has highest number of health professionals infected with coronavirus in whole of Andalucia

MALAGA is the Andalucian province with the highest number of health professionals infected with COVID-19. Nearly 7% of the total number of coronavirus infections detected...

‘Drastic’ measures will be taken this Friday to curb Covid in Spain’s Andalucia

Junta president, Juanma Moreno, has acknowledged that Primary Care is being being ‘overwhelmed and overrun’ because it is experiencing ‘a pressure like never before in history’.

COVID-19 vs. FLU: Main differences as explained by Spanish experts

With the flu season looming and COVID-19 still spreading, Spanish experts highlight the main differences between both viruses.

Number of minors under 14 with COVID-19 in Spain’s Andalucia spikes twofold in just one month

The increase by 211.78% is more than double the increase recorded during the same period among adults between the ages of 45 and 64.

Spanish researchers to stage experimental concert to test COVID-19 virus spread

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, live event organisers have had to cancel all large gatherings from technology conferences to major concerts.

Spain hopes to test its COVID-19 vaccines on humans by end of 2020

Spanish scientists have revealed that there are currently seven models of vaccines in phase 3, the stage in which clinical trials are carried out in humans.

Spanish scientists warn of unusual COVID-19 symptoms, including testicle pain

Scientists warn the damage caused by COVID-19 could have 'a future impact on male fertility'.

‘Covid taxes’, hotel deals and the price of a pint – what can Brits expect on holiday in Spain...

THOUSANDS of hotels and restaurants across Spain have reopened in a major boost for the economy. Some 12% of the country’s GDP comes from tourism,...

More Gibraltar medics to be trained to fight against COVID-19

Additional Gibraltar medical staff are trained to fight Coronavirus as the pandemic threatens to strike at the heart of the community.





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