Monday, 23 October, 2017


Spanish production company Tornasol and Gilliam himself are financing the €16 million project

The twins will be flown to his €6 million mansion on the outskirts of Madrid

He posted a picture of his fake six pack onto photo-sharing app Instagram

Kinahan is currently under threat from rival gangs due to the Kinahan/Hutch feud

It would be the first visit by Spanish monarch to the UK in more than three decades

Six stars have been rehearsing in London with dancer Ashley Banjo

International media has gone crazy for hospital worker Fran Suarez

They will join Sting, Jamie Cullen and Michael Nyman at the Sohail Castle

The superstar admitted that he passed out from the pain of the tattoo

Auditions will take place at the Hotel Melia

The clip attempts to 'appeal' to Trump by highlighting its racist history and insisting that the Spanish are 'definitely not Mexican'

They ate breakfast together every morning and had planned to spend Christmas as a family

The star will play with surprise guests

There's a lot more to King Felipe than meets the eye

Nadal is on course to meet long-time rival Roger Federer in Sunday's final

THE sprawling Marbella mansion once owned by the late music legend Prince is seemingly impossible to sell. The enormous 13-bedroom palace in Paraiso Alto -...

Pedro Almodovar’s flick Julieta and Catalan actress Laia Costa have both been nominated for a gong at the glitzy British ceremony

The Obama family will travel to Costos’ 11,000-square-foot home in Thunderbird Heights after Donald Trump’s inauguration later today

The Malaga-based Mario Jefferson is one of six remaining finalists

The nine-year-old Junior Masterchef contestant fluffed his grandfather’s British fish-and-chip recipe

Just months after being released from a sentence for corruption and money laundering ‘la Pantoja’ has got a gold disc for her new album

The eight include Spain's Amancio Ortega

The 12-year-old British star was nominated for a gong

Some 3.5 pints of fat were then sucked out of his back, waist and thighs

A look back at one of the most dramatic years in memory




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