Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Hundreds of new Mallorca restaurant inspections to take place in crackdown

MALLORCA’S health inspectors are getting tough. In an island-wide crackdown, they will be undertaking hundreds more random inspections this year. In a bid to increase food...

NO MORE bar licences and music crackdown for more than 100 Malaga streets

MALAGA will not grant any more licences for bars and will crackdown on music-playing hours. More than 100 streets will be affected by the new...

Those in the know are swapping Marbella for San Pedro when it comes to dining, writes Jon Clarke

Everything from Italian to Argentine, and Japanese to French, all nationalities are represented in this pavement tussle.

7 best pubs to watch the footy with a beer and burger

The Olive Press presents the best places to enjoy the game along the Costa del Sol.

New law spells end for small Spanish businesses

More than 200,000 small businesses will be affected by the scrapping of rent controls

Malaga bars threaten to strike over residents’ tourism complaints

Bars are hitting back at complaints they are causing local residents to leave Malaga


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