Wednesday, June 3, 2020

EXPLAINER: Why some renters in Madrid pay as little as €7 a month

Quick thinking property investors are, however, jumping on these properties as the landlords are wanting to wash their hands of the commitment

BREAKING: Psychiatric patient with coronavirus flees from Madrid to Spain’s Costa del Sol

A MAN has been arrested today for fleeing to the Costa del Sol after testing positive for coronavirus in Madrid.  The Guardia Civil intercepted the...

BREAKING: Third person dies in Spain because of coronavirus

CORONAVIRUS has claimed its third victim in Spain.

Spanish police suspend a mass at a church in Madrid, which was in breach of the lockdown rules

POLICIA Nacional have dispersed a mass at a church in Madrid, which was in breach of lockdown rules.

EXCLUSIVE: British couple ‘could sue’ Iberia after ‘coronavirus patients’ travel on Cuba to Spain flight and passengers AREN’T TESTED...

“A stewardess told us that the ill passengers were being treated for suspected coronavirus in Havana. But somehow, they had left the hospital and boarded our flight.”

Spanish police try to identify people partying in viral video in Madrid during lockdown

THE police have been trying to identify the people who appear in a video partying on the streets of Madrid during lockdown.

WATCH: Hundreds of Chihuahua and Pomeranian puppies due for sale around Spain are rescued from illegal basement kennels in...

POLICIA Nacional agents have arrested five people and rescued 270 Chihuahuas and Pomeranians bred in illegal kennels close to Madrid.

Two coronavirus patients escape hospitals in Madrid and are found in Malaga by the Spanish police

A PAIR of patients who had tested positive for coronavirus and escaped from hospitals in Madrid have been found in the province of Malaga.

BREAKING: Spain confirms fourth coronavirus death

CORONAVIRUS has claimed its fourth victim in Spain.

Air pollution in Madrid and across major European cities drops staggering amounts due to coronavirus

AIR pollution in Madrid and across major European cities has dropped dramatically due to coronavirus.

WATCH: Patients on packed Madrid hospital ward left on floor as Spain’s coronavirus outbreak worsens

A SHOCKING video taken at a Madrid hospital has revealed a city struggling to cope with the spread of coronavirus.

KLM resumes some flights connecting Amsterdam and Spain

KLM has resumed some of its flights connecting Amsterdam to Madrid and Barcelona.

Investors are buying apartments in Madrid that house tenants paying €7 per month

IN Madrid, investors have been eyeing up tenants who still pay €7 a month.

BREAKING: Spain surpasses 100,000 coronavirus cases – but there is some good news

SPAIN has seen another daily record in terms of coronavirus deaths with 864 people losing their lives between Tuesday and Wednesday.  New figures from the...

Red Bull brings Pumptrack World Championships to Spain this May

ENERGY Drink giant and leader in extreme sports events Red Bull has announced its calendar for the 2020 UCI World Pumptrack Championship...

Teenage hacker arrested in Madrid for hacking medical data and leaking information about a politician who was positive with...

A 16-YEAR-OLD hacker has been arrested for hacking medical data and then leaking information about a politician who was positive with coronavirus.

Nearly 9 out of 10 pregnant women who want to have an abortion in Spain, get harassed by anti-abortion...

NEARLY 90% of pregnant women who want to have an abortion have been harassed by anti-abortion groups, according a report.

Police discover ’nightclub’ flat in Madrid with four women and two naked men

People in the house had been partying for several days with music at full volume

Madrid school children refused fresh fruit as fast food chains monopolise free meal deliveries

VULNERABLE school children in Madrid have been left without fresh fruit after contracted fast food chains refused to strike a deal with...

Launch of low cost €5 AVLO tickets collapses RENFE website

A second batch of low fare tickets will be launched today at 8pm

Madrid to ask other regions in Spain to cremate bodies of coronavirus victims as funeral homes ‘collapsing’

MADRID has been so overwhelmed by coronavirus deaths that its crematoriums are collapsing under the pressure.  The 4,715 deaths caused by COVID-19 in the region...

Coronavirus reaches Murcia region – first victim linked to Madrid trip.

THIS MORNING, the Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of Coronavirus in the Region of Murcia. A 27-year-old...

Spain’s ‘patient zero’ ruled out as first COVID-19 cases investigated in Madrid

SCIENTISTS from the Carlos III Health Institute in Madrid have revealed findings from studies on the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 in...

Dodgy money deals, mafia involvement, rent-a-squatter scams – the murky underworld of free real estate in Spain

"They want to be left in peace and to pay a rent that corresponds to their income"

Lack of protective gear partly to blame as 5,400 health workers in Spain infected with coronavirus

A LACK of protective gear has helped cause a surge in the number of health workers infected with COVID-19, the government has said.  Director of...

Barcelona and Real Madrid players and staff all test negative for coronavirus

BOTH the players and coaching staff of Barcelona and Real Madrid have all tested negative to COVID-19.