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Gunman shoots ex-wife and then himself in shopping centre in Spain

At least two people have been seriously injured and have been rushed to hospital

British retail giant’s gamble pays off for Spain expansion

Spanish shopping spree for British retail giant

Three people arrested in art forgery investigation

Fake works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Henri Matisse were discovered

Ander Herrera’s ‘conscience is clear’ over La Liga match fixing

Herrera is among 41 players charged with fixing a game between Real Zaragoza and Levante

Velez-Malaga trams return from Australia

Velez-Malaga trams may be back on track if finance is approved

La Liga footballers to be questioned over match fixing scandal

Levante and Real Zaragoza players are summoned by the state prosecutor over match fixing allegations

VIDEO: Spanish school enacts mock invasion of Gibraltar and shooting dead of ‘Brits’

Giggling Spanish students wearing military fatigues and carrying plastic guns shoot dead Union Jack-wearing 'Brits'

Al-Qaeda terror suspects detained in Spain

Two men with links to the North African branch of Al-Qaeda are being held by Spanish police
LC Ecco Homo restorer sells own art on eBay

Ecco Homo ‘restorer’ sells her own art on eBay

80-year-old Cecilia Gimenez, who completely botched the restoration of a 19th century painting, is now selling her own work online

Lookalike thief robs top musician in Spain

Violinist Joshua Bell had his hotel safe broken into in Zaragoza

Madonna song leak: Man arrested in Spain

A demo version of the track Give Me All Your Love surfaced on the internet last month

Spanish matador left blind in one eye after being horrifically gored through the head

Juan Jose Padilla, gored by bull ‘Marques’ during Zaragoza's Fiestas Del Pilar [Warning this article contains graphic images]

Super Mario street

Video game characters leave their mark on Zaragoza

What a cultured bunch!

Next week a shortlist will be drawn up to decide on which Spanish city will become Europe’s City of Culture in 2016. Nicola Cowell takes a look at what is on offer




This town in Malaga province has been crowned the best in Spain to spend New Year’s Eve

PRESTIGIOUS travel magazine ‘Viajar’ has chosen a Malaga town as the best spot to ring in the New Year.  Celebrations on December 31 grow more...


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