Sunday, 17 December, 2017

Tag: Almeria

FORTY suspects have been arrested in connection with a sex-trafficking ring covering Andalucia, the Basque country and Castilla la Mancha.  Most of the detained are of Nigerian origin and stand accused of trafficking and sexually...

TWO teenagers are facing combined sentences of 13 years after starting a fire which killed two 12-year-old girls and a 21-year-old man. The prosecutor's office is seeking eight years in a young offenders' institute and...

MADRID has been blasted for moving at least 494 migrants to a prison in Malaga. The migrants, who were rescued or washed up on the shores of Murcia and Almeria, were moved to the newly...

A WOMAN is to be jailed after the nun who allegedly helped steal her from her parents as a baby sued for defamation.  Ascensión López, 53, was found guilty in 2015 of slandering the nun...

The small towns of Bajo Andarax and El Bobar will have new plant to help cater for the growing population of Almeria and help solve water shortages.

A WOMAN who suffered an attempted 'beheading' by her husband last week is still fighting for her life in hospital.  The 30-year-old was attacked by her other half in Almeria last Sunday. He managed to kill...

The stranded creature was separated from its mother and spotted by a group of camera wielding tourists who snapped photos of it

While Almería and Telde have maintained their low level in the annual ranking, Mijas has plummeted

Some 60 migrants have died so far this year trying to reach Spain

Sacyr Industrial will build a geothermal plant in the region next August

The off-grid eco village of Los Molinos del Rio Agua is a standout example of sustainable living

The average age of the province is just 39.6 years

The eight provinces will receive 36,6% less than in 2016 with only €1.16bn euros to spend on major public projects

Some 693 marsh harrier nests have been found in the region this breeding season, the second highest level since data began to be collected in 2004.

According to local reports, the man had breached a restraining order to find his ex

The left-wing political group has sent the Junta a list of questions to explain their plans to replenish a crucial aquifer in Almeria, dubbed the 'last oasis in Europe', which is being run dry by large olive growers

The Olive Press has scoured the land to find the must-attend events in 2017, so grab your cervezas and sombreros and begin the party

Some 32% of the economy is based on undeclared or illegal financial transactions

The child is now in a protection centre for minors

IT’S great to see that the United Nations are taking the environmental concerns of David Dene seriously. In this day and age we need to fight environmental devastation wherever it occurs. Hats off to expat Dene...

Environmentalists claim the trees are rapidly depleting a precious underground aquifer

Almost one quarter of the brutal 3297.7km long La Vuelta will take place between August 30 and September 3 in the region, which was entirely missed off the contest’s route last year

The agreement could not be implicated due to Spain's crippling political deadlock

Many golfers are worried that the centre will never be completed

Hundreds of people have been invited to take to the streets in the eight provincial capitals to listen to the life stories of those sleeping rough

Millions of people are expected to come out and join in with the huge Cabalgatas de Reyes, which will snake their way through both bustling cities and tiny villages




BRITISH extreme metal band Napalm Death are playing at Palma's  Es Gremi theatre Sunday. The Birmingham punk group led by Mark 'Barney' Greenway have been...
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