Tuesday, 18 July, 2017

Tag: Costa del Sol

Playing ball sports on the beach or in the sea, nudism and urinating in the sea can result in fines of up to €750

He had been on the Costa del Sol for a couple of weeks before was arrested

Marine environmentalists have repeatedly warned of the impact of warmer seas on marine life due to its ability to encourage invader species

The summer months see a 65% rise in traffic

Despite the tabloid overkill, the glitziest resort on the Costa del Sol is still pulling crowds and sitting pretty for another record-breaking summer, writes Alex Brown

The forest fire, which began last night, has been placed on level one (maximum threat level) by the authorities

The website looked extremely credible and even had a photo of its alleged owner

Various hotel chain representatives met and presented refurbishment projects

The men were involved in an incident which saw ten people injured

The old-school electronic gang have been confirmed for the three-day event

The promotion will end on 30th June 2017 and applies to properties priced €180,000 and above

The cruel crooks swiped a portable generator and extension cable

Several incidents have been reported along the Costa del Sol in the last month

Fellow beachgoers were left shocked when two men assaulted the bather

The actress left Mijas’ Villa Paradiso rehab centre in March

The Lux Mundi foundation was set up to heal the divisions among Christian denominations

Lisa Burgess and Joffrey Charles have just opened restaurant Joffrey’s Las Mimosas in La Cala

Brits' sickness claims are said to be costing the industry €59 million a year

Hotels in Spain have been hit with a huge €4.9 million compensation bill after Brits have filed false food poisoning claims

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman lookalikes have created the fairytale ending that the actors could not give their fans on screen

Platform travels 20km from Malaga City to Benalmadena

Torremolinos that suffered the worst hit, with sand swept onto the promenade and flooding.

The strong results were not exclusive to the usual coastal hotspots as cities and rural enclaves also saw a soar in visitors



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