Friday, May 24, 2019
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Axarquia medical centre the most ‘under pressure’ in Malaga province

Each doctor is seeing 700 more people than recommended by the Andalucian Health Service

Costa del Sol torrential rain alert raised to orange

In the last 24 hours the 112 emergency services have responded to 520 weather-related incidents across Andalucia

Trams problematic in Velez-Malaga

Former Mayor Francisco Delgado ended the tram service on June 4 2012

Partido Popular accused of ‘buying the silence of the unions’ with police bonuses

some members of the police were paid almost €50,000 in bonuses over just two months.

Water wars in Axarquia

Axarquia in a battle with PP for water supply

Lack of rainfall threatening Axarquia economy

The Junta are now considering constructing dams

Emergency water tankers brought to Colmenar as hundreds of wells dry up

It comes after residents slammed the unveiling of a large swimming pool

30,000 homes in Andalucia made legal in urban planning law change

The reform in the LOUA (urban planning law) will regularise 10,000 homes in Malaga

New app provides handy guide to Nerja

The app has gathered almost 1,000 users in its first few weeks

Successful car rally brings €500,000 to Velez-Malaga economy

The event brought 8,000 people to the Axarquia capital

Axarquia town begs for residents to limit water usage while unveiling swimming pool

Colmenar mayor Jose Martin Garcia urged residents to limit water usage

Spanish PM Rajoy claims Malaga ‘has a bright, promising future’

He made the comments during an interview with TV show El Hormiguero

Car enthusiasts enjoy get-together on the Costa del Sol

The club's July drive will start in Duquesa

British motorhome family pick Spanish landmarks as highlights in year-long trip

Spanish landmarks top picks in Brit family’s year living in a motorhome

Campaign launched to save Axarquia’s olive groves

A campaign to save the olive trees has been launched by the Izquierda Unida political party

Octopus fishing banned in the Axarquia from this September

Fishermen are furious, claiming the eight-legged sea creatures account for 60% of their income

Expats fear for cat welfare as dozens of traps are set up in Spanish town

EXCLUSIVE: Dozens of traps have upset ‘horrified’ cat owners in Malaga province

Nerja is voted best seaside town in Spain with landslide victory

Axarquia seaside town crowned best in Spain

Deputy mayor in Axarquia accused of claiming three salaries

Deputy mayor accused of claiming three salaries in bitter political feud

Axarquia radio station has comical dig at Nerja town hall over ongoing music licensing issue

EXCLUSIVE: April Fools ´silent protest´ from Nerja radio station

Tortas de Algarrobo from Axarquia set to go continent wide

Taking the cake to Europe with modern twish on ancient Moorish recipe

Axarquia crime wave halted after spate of robberies

It comes after police arrested a 29-year-old Spaniard in Torre del Mar on suspicion of robbing over a dozen rural homes, shops and churches

Traditional cakes from Axarquia town target European market

Tortas de Algarrobo (Algarrobo cakes) date back to the Moorish empire

British expats save wild cats from poisoning in Malaga

Mayor Rafael Torrubia has granted sanctuary to the cats