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Massive collection of stuffed African animals recovered by joint-task force in Mallorca

A MAN has been arrested for trying to sell an incredible number of African hunting ‘trophies’ in Mallorca. In one of the largest seizures of...

Priest claims abuse allegations are part of a bigger plot

A MALLORCA priest has claimed sexual abuse allegations against him are part of an extortion plot. The former chaplain, 74, is accused of molesting...

FIRESTARTER: Neighbourhood set on fire after arson spree

A PYROMANIAC has terrorised a Mallorca neighbourhood after setting fires on more than nine streets. Police are hunting for the arsonist who lit up...

TRAGIC: Son slaughters stepdad in Mallorcan home

AN expat stabbed his step-father to death for calling him ‘lazy’ and urging him to get a job. The 27-year-old attacked Mallorcan stepdad Pere Crespi,...

Thousands of fake toys pulled from being sold for health and safety reasons

MORE than 3,200 toys have been withdrawn from sale by the Guardia Civil following concerns for safety. The toys, mainly sold in low-cost bazaars,...

Madam ‘was telling truth’ on sex claims in Cursach case

TWO prostitutes have confirmed a madame's original testimony in the Cursach case. The pair have put an end to counter claims that she lied or...

Marbella set to get safer with installation of additional cameras

  THEY say Big Brother is watching and that will soon be the case in Marbella, as the City Council will install 85 new surveillance...

Calls for Guardia Civil numbers and salary to match Policia Nacional

THE PSOE in Marbella are calling for a boost in Guardia Civil numbers. The Socialists will support a town hall motion next week which...

CURSACH CASE: Key witness arrested while ‘King of the Night’ stays in prison

A KEY witness in the Tolo Cursach case has been arrested for falsely accusing police officers. Known as the ‘madame’, she originally told Judge Penalva...

WATCH OUT: Million euro Rolex raid

AUDACIOUS thieves have stolen over one million euros worth of watches. It took just two minutes for the gang to raid the jewellers in Portals...

Arrest made for receiving illegal drugs through the mail

A 21-year-old man has been arrested in Ibiza for alleged drug trafficking through the postal system. The suspect received a suspicious package that when tested...

Large marijuana growing operation discovered inside Manacor home

AN ARREST has been made in Manacor after policed raided a suspicious house, finding 221 marijuana plants, along with an entire set-up for indoor...

Tolo Cursach set to face jury for illegal rifle possession

AN AMERICAN firearm not available in Spain was found under ' King of the Night' Tolo Cursach's bed, causing another charge to be added...

AIR HEAD: British robber busted in Spain after getting stuck in air conditioning vent

A BRITISH thief was arrested after getting stuck in an air conditioning duct while robbing a shop in Palma in the dark of night. The...

BREAKING: Explosion on London underground confirmed as home-made terrorist bomb, ‘second bomb being deactivated’

A 'BOMB' which exploded on the London underground this morning is being treated as terrorism by police.  Many commuters were injured after an explosion at...

Marbella Airbnb nightmare for British girls who lost €1000 on ‘filthy’ apartment

Costa holiday begins with bust-up and robbery, leaving English couple 1000 euros out of pocket

Crime clan behind wave of Mallorca robberies nailed in ‘unprecedented’ police sting, say cops

Los Lobato gang thought to be behind 400 thefts worth €10 million

Model stopped at private airport after crashing Ferrari into lorry

The model was allegedly high on cocaine at the time of the incident

Men suspected of transporting corpse in boat just had a large tuna

Police had received a call from a concerned member of the public

Arrest made after arson attempt on religious statue

The alleged arsonist threw the homemade device at the statue

Irish cartel boss daughter dies in Spain

Kinahan's daughter had suffered from a lengthy illness before passing away last week

Andalucian man faces 12 years for pouring boiling water on infant

The incident in 2012 left the child with second and third degree burns on 70% of his body

Woman attempts to smuggle teenager in suitcase from Morocco to Ceuta

A Sub-Saharan 19-year-old was discovered tightly curled up in a hard shell suitcase by the Guardia Civil at the border between Morocco and exclave of Ceuta

New app launched in Spain to report crimes

AlertCops is now available across Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Police refuse to probe Costa del Sol squatters stealing expats’ water

The couple alerted police after their water bills sky-rocketed from around €20 per quarter to €469 in July

Unusual gay hate crime at Fuengirola feria

Man arrested for assaulting woman due to her sexual orientation




Woman chokes to death on a piece of octopus at a Murcia restaurant in Spain

A diner choked to death while eating octopus at a Murcia region restaurant. The tragedy happened on Sunday on a terrace in Santomera's Plaza de...


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