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Laughing gas linked to death of tourist in Marbella swimming pool during bachelor party

A LADS stag-do became a horror story when one member of the party had a fatal accident in the villa swimming pool. The 26-year-old was...

Pilar Bardem, campaigner, actor and mother of Javier, dies in Madrid aged 82

CELEBRATED actor Pilar Bardem, mother of Javier, Mónica and Carlos Bardem, has passed away at the age of 82.  The beloved Spanish star died in...

Adios to financial legend: Bill Blevins dies

ONE of the best known expat financial figures has passed away in his seventies. Bill Blevins, the joint founder of expat financial services company Blevins...

Man dies from wasp stings in southern Spain

A YOUNG man has died after being stung several times by wasps in the neck. Named only by the initials JRQ, the 25 year-old man...

Beloved singer Raffaella Carra dies age 78

SINGER, dancer and actor Raffaella Carrà has died at the age of 78. Her long-term partner, Sergio Iapino, announced her death on Monday, with the...

FIRE DEATH: Drug addict arrested over house blaze that killed a man and left his family in a critical...

A 45-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested in connection with a house fire in Algemesi (Valencia) that claimed one life and left the victim’s wife...

Missing teenage prostitute found dead in irrigation ditch near Valencia

THE worst hypothesis finally came true regarding Florina Gogos, the 19-year-old girl who worked as a prostitute in the Valencia area and who went...

Spanish rally co-driver killed in Portugal crash

A YOUNG woman rally co-driver has died after an accident in a Portuguese race. Laura Salvo, 21,  died following a crash in the first stage...

Deadly lightning kills over 30 sheep, a cow and a ram in rural Spain

The macabre images released by the Guardia Civil look like something out of a gory, zombie-apocalypse film.

BREAKING: Spain only registers one coronavirus related death in last 24 hours, but Health Ministry figures still continue not...

SPAIN has registered only one coronavirus related death in the past 24 hours, but the figures reported still continue to leave questions unanswered.

BREAKING: Spain registers first coronavirus related death in three days, but figures don’t seem to be matching

SPAIN has registered its first coronavirus related death in three days.

BREAKING: Number of coronavirus related deaths in Spain remain below 100 for sixth consecutive day

THE number of coronavirus related deaths in Spain has stayed below 100 for the sixth consecutive day.

BREAKING: Number of coronavirus related deaths in Spain rises for second consecutive day, but stays below 100 for fourth...

THE number of coronavirus related deaths in Spain has risen for the second consecutive day, but stays below 100 for the fourth day in a row.

Former Real Madrid president, Lorenzo Sanz, dies after testing positive for coronavirus

FORMER Real Madrid president, Lorenzo Sanz, has died after contracting coronavirus.

57-year-old man becomes first coronavirus death in Spain’s Granada

A 57-YEAR-OLD has become the first fatality in Granada due to coronavirus.

21-year-old man with leukemia becomes youngest coronavirus death in Spain’s Malaga

A 21-YEAR-OLD man has become the youngest fatality due to coronavirus in Malaga.

BREAKING: Fifth coronavirus death in Spain confirmed

CORONAVIRUS has claimed its fifth victim in Spain.

BREAKING: Third person dies in Spain because of coronavirus

CORONAVIRUS has claimed its third victim in Spain.

BREAKING: Second person confirmed dead in Spain due to coronavirus

CORONAVIRUS has claimed a second victim in Spain.

BREAKING: British Ambassador becomes involved in the inquest into the death of British man killed by police on Spain’s...

THE British Ambassador to Spain has become involved in the inquest into the death of violent British robber Sean Hercules.

EXCLUSIVE: British expat who died after house fire was locked inside his home on Spain’s Costa del Sol

A BRITISH expat who died in a fire on the Costa del Sol was locked in his home from the inside.

Eight-month baby dies after being mowed down by reversing vehicle in Spain

The child was in the back of the car when a motorist reversed into it, on Cecília Street in Barcelona.

Elderly woman dies at polling station before exercising her right to vote in Spain’s Andalucia

The woman, thought to be above the age of 80, died of natural causes before exercising her right to vote in Spain’s General Election.

Two people cheat death as their courtesy car bursts into flames in southern Spain

Several firefighters and police officers were involved in extinguishing the inferno, which left the car a burnt out shell

Man instantly killed after being hit on the road on Spain’s Costa del Sol

He died at the scene, the emergency services finding him dead on arrival.

Man stabbed to death and girlfriend hospitalised in car attack in Spain’s Andalucia

Medical professionals rushed to the scene but they were unable to save the man’s life.





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