Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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UK sex offenders check launched in Spain

A new police check has been put in place to 'help identify and screen out those who are unsuitable to be working with children'

People smuggling crackdown in Spain and the UK

UK Border Agency and Guardia Civil arrest 19 as part of operation MARLO

Gibraltar introduces ASBOs as old laws are modernised

A change-up of laws attempts to bring the Rock's crime-fighters up to speed

Spanish Civil war influences British writer

The Sentinel by Mark Oldfield looks at some of the darkest aspects of Franco's dictatorship

Elderly British couple robbed and beaten in Spain

The 74 and 71-year-old husband and wife were attacked by robbers at their home in Almeria

Briton arrested in Benalmadena for Tenerife brawl death

A 38-year-old man is wanted on suspicion of murder

Brits arrested for fake Viagra haul in Alhaurin

Two men have been caught with 640 unauthorised 'Straight Up' pills near Malaga

Police foil paraglider terror plot in Gibraltar

Al-Qaeda suspects - one a site manager on the Rock - arrested in connection with deadly scheme

Sub-par approval ratings for Spanish social institutions

Spaniards confident in policemen and scientists but unsatisfied with political parties, bishops and banks

Taking a bird’s-eye view of hawkers on the Costa del Sol

Hawkers on the Costa del Sol often come from a background of hardship and poverty

Spanish man hacked to death in the UK

Language student is said to have been decapitated in frenzied attack at Bournemouth flat

30 arrested in 15 Spanish provinces for involvement in billion euro petrol fraud scheme

Police have dismantled a multi-million euro operation involving 30 individuals who they believe are connected to two major criminal groups with assets worth €1 billion

Half of the arrested protestors in Madrid have been released

They were brought before the courts for a range of crimes including public disorder offences

Police catch firestarter in Cadiz

Arsonist finally arrested after starting seven wildfires throughout the Cadiz region

UK man charged with murdering mother at large in Spain

Metropolitan police believed the suspect was in custody in Spain

UK murder suspect could be at large in southern Spain

Anxiang Du is charged with murdering four people in Northamptonshire before fleeing the UK

Largest illegal marijuana plantation in Europe found in Spain

A Brit has been arrested after 16 greenhouses were discovered in Alicante

Police hunting for man involved in Puerto Banus shooting

Moroccan man was shot in the back this morning

Ban the brutality

Spain criticised for police brutality

Dress to impress

A crackdown on police uniforms is set to prohibit all piercings in visible areas and ban ‘bizarre or extravagant’ hairstyles, make-up or accessories.

Fake police arrested in Spain

Gang targeted British holidaymakers as they drove away from airports

Brotherhood bother in La Linea

Heated protests as Easter parades are cancelled in La Linea due to lack of police

Murderer comes to sticky end in Spain

Woman sentenced for killing friend and impregnating body to mislead police

Bashful Spanish bobbies

Bungling police call their colleagues after chase through police station

Demonstrators clash with police in Malaga as general strike begins

Industrial action called in protest at labour law reforms that will make it easier for employers to lay-off workers

Stiff justice for viagra gang

Joint operation by British and Spanish police leads to six arrests