Saturday, 27 May, 2017

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In Europe, the issue of Brexit has been a source of drama and uncertainty for almost a year now

The study identified the possibility of the meat containing higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, thanks to breeding conditions of the animals

Jolly Gel will certainly pay for itself many times over in terms of water, chemical and electricity bills

Catalan figurehead Pujol was stripped of his political titles and honours in 2014 after he admitted hiding a multi-million-euro fortune to avoid taxes.

Rokitansky syndrome is a congenital abnormality that leaves a woman with either a small or non-existent vagina.

The result of the inquest, including all the findings of the coroner, has been quashed by the High Court in London

Last month, a student was given a suspended prison sentence after tweeting about the 1973 assassination of Francoist Prime Minister Admiral Blanco

But instead of feeling fatigued, Bremain in Spain campaigner John Moffett is right to suggest that expats should look forward to the vote as an opportunity to influence Brexit

The family of a missing expat is furious after the man suspected of murdering her has been granted bail

A 20-year-old suffered non life-threatening injuries after being attacked with a hammer.

Spanish police have broken up a major child porn ring, retrieving files containing sick abuse of children up to eight years old.

Far from the chocolate-led commercialised events in the UK, Spain’s Semana Santa Holy Week is very much still steeped in centuries’ old traditions

But to lose such priceless, sentimental items as war medals and a christening present is heartbreaking for Sally and David Russell

A thrillseeker was left gobsmacked after a gory collision with a pigeon on Europe's fastest rollercoaster. The man was struck in the face on the face by the bird on the opening day of Ferrari...

US authorities have not commented on whether Severa's work was used to aid Trump's campaign.

Terrorist group Eta is responsible for 800 deaths over four decades, and the disarmament could potentially end the violence

Kinahan's daughter had suffered from a lengthy illness before passing away last week

A family of Russian-Jewish heritage has been detained on unclear charges with no access to a case file or indication of trial date

A Peruvian man reportedly ejaculated onto a police officer's hand before attempting to flee the scene.

A DRUG lord who imported cocaine to the UK for two decades has been jailed for 18 years. Paul Monk, 56, was sentenced at the Old Bailey on Wednesday after admitting his role in supplying...

It has been accused of treating Deutsche Bahn as a privileged client

Speedy recovery for tawny owl thought to have been hit by a car

We have been writing about this rogue for nearly a decade, since it emerged he had swindled hundreds of expats out of their life savings

But in refusing to guarantee the existing rights of EU citizens in the UK, MPs missed a chance to secure diplomatic goodwill with their European counterparts

Property firm Kyero reported a decline in growth in enquiries for Spanish properties for the first time in February

Even if they have no intention of rectifying the problem, she at least deserves to be given an answer from Mijas town hall, not a veiled threat that her home could be illegal



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