Friday, 20 October, 2017

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'Massive withdrawal' of compensation demands after Liverpool couple jailed

Pedro Sanchez and Mariano Rajoy unite as Madrid prepares to take direct rule

Balearic government promises 'total transparency' as health authorities carry out tests

Puigdemont slams Rajoy 'repression' in last-minute letter as crisis deepens further

Palmanova hotel hit by outbreak of disease has water supply switched off

Cava companies report worsening sales as independence crisis intensifies

Barcelona crowd backs Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez as direct-rule deadline looms

A PILOT has died this morning in Spain's second fatal plane crash in a week. Lieutenant Fernando Pérez Serrano, 26, suddenly crashed to the ground as the F-18 fighter jet was taking off from Torrejon...

A BREXIT reversal would have a 'positive' and 'significant' impact on the UK economy, a leading think tank has claimed. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has forecast that the British economy will...

LA Palma has hit been shaken by HUNDREDS of earthquakes in the past few days, sparking fresh fears its active volcano is about to erupt.  A map released by the National Geographic Institute (NGI) shows...

The €120 million building was recently unveiled by King Felipe and Queen Letizia

Dr. Joe Arrindell travelled the world with Tour de France legends before setting up Care 4 Health

AT least 34 people have died due to the devastating forest fires in Portugal and Spain. Several people are still missing in Portugal, including a one-month old baby, while two victims in Galicia, Spain, burned...

A BRITISH couple who tried to claim more than €20,000 in a fake holiday sickness scam have been jailed. In a landmark case, Deborah Briton, 53, and partner Paul Roberts, 43, were handed sentences of...

Additional mooring space needed to accommodate boats, says nautical boss

Why move your money to a SIPP or a QROPS scheme?

Soldiers made books from bandages in Catalunya’s Montserrat monastery in 1938

Britain should have accepted deal to maintain current citizens' rights, says Juncker

Sustainable model needed for Balearic island 'jewel'

PP politicians slam Palma thespian's 'provocative' actions

THERESA May has admitted 1.2 million Brits in the EU would be left in limbo after a Brexit no-deal. The UK prime minister said the government ‘doesn’t know what would happen’ to expats if the...

Spanish PM says Madrid could adopt direct rule over Catalunya

RESIDENTS on the Canary islands are fearing a volcanic eruption after the Spanish archipelago was hit by more than 40 earthquake tremors in just 48 hours.  La Palma was hit by more than 40 seismic movements...

Catalan leader seeks dialogue with Madrid but states region's right to be 'independent state'

Ryanair cancels over 100 flights to Spain as air misery continues

Catalan leader urged not to split from Spain as fears grow over economy


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