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Fight over frescos ramps up Madrid-Catalonia rivalry

Catalan leaders stand accused of undermining attempts to repatriate priceless artworks

Shock poll sees Catalans shift away from independence

The swing comes as Catalan President Carles Puigdemont promised a ‘legal and binding’ referendum this year

Three Spaniards arrested for burning photos of King Felipe V

They have been supported by several Catalan politicians

Catalan region now 50/50 on independence from Spain as pro-independence camp loses ground

The pro-independence camp has lost ground since July

Spain’s Rajoy will need all the help he can get on Catalunya independence issue

Rajoy begins his second term in a completely different political landscape

Franco exhibition in Spain met with protests and egging

Catalan separatists shouted ‘no fascists on our streets’

Dozens of Catalan cities refuse to celebrate Spain’s national day

Many Catalans associate the holiday with the Franco regime

Cannabis clubs continue to grow in northern Spain

Some 200,000 people are now believed to be members

Catalonia developing ID cards for residents in preparation for secession from Spain

Catalan authorities are splashing €9 million on the cards

Some 17 local politicians in Spain each out-earn Prime Minister Rajoy

Catalunya’s autonomous community leader Cales Puigdemont tops the earnings list

Spain blocks Catalonia’s independence roadmap after ‘illegal’ vote

The region had defied the court by debating the roadmap and announcing a vote

Barcelona increases maximum fine for illegal accommodations to €600,000

Rentals offered without permits will face a 20-fold increase in fines

Spain sees Europe’s first case of Zika-related birth defects

A pregnant Catalonian woman was infected with Zika and dengue

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy set to meet pro-secession Catalan leader

Analysts are doubtful any meaningful initiatives will emerge

University professors beg for Catalan Independence

Independent thinking from Spanish professors

Spanish general election voter boycott on the cards

Many are fed up with Rajoy’s stubbornness to seek a viable solution to put an end to the political crisis

Placido Domingo has sung out in favour of Spanish unity

Tenor says: “Catalonia needs Spain and Spain needs Catalonia.”

Car covered in fascist symbols banned by Catalan town hall

Provocative political artists wanted to drive Nazi car through Figueres town centre

Mariano Rajoy refuses to be swayed by Catalan election result

PP premier to stand firm on Catalan independence claims despite overwhelming support for parties

Basque leader demands referendum on ties with Spain

Nationalist PNV leader wants referendum on Basque Country's future

Catalan separatist parties win historic election as referendum clash looms

Artur Mas's Junts Pel Si party and hard-left CUP scoop 72 seats but fall short of overall majority of votes

First exit polls suggest Catalan independence parties in line for victory

Artur Mas's Junts Pel Si expects victory to lead to vote on separation from Spain





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